2021 AGM Agenda and Accounts


16th JANUARY 2021

1   Opening from the chair

2   Apologies for absence

3   Minutes of AGM 18th January 2020

4   Matters arising

5   Receive the Annual Report of the Committee

6   Receive the Annual Statement of Accounts

7   Election of officers:  Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Walks Secretary,


7a Appointment of Accounts Reviewer

8   Future activities (2022, 50th Anniversary of LDWA), Support on 100’s,      

      Social Programme

9   AOB


Year ending 30.11.20      
Opening Balance 1409.81      
Income Received 0      
Payments Made  529      
Closing Balance 880.81      
Bank balance 880.81   as at 01.12.20
Difference 0      
Funds available 880.81      


Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.

Having trouble reading this email? View it in your browser.

South Manchester LDWA Group AGM  Saturday 16th January 2021 3pm

I hope that you have all noted the date of the AGM in Strider and also received a copy of the Agenda via Bulk Emailing.  Please look on the group website https://ldwa.org.uk/southmanchester (latest news) for the previous minutes and accounts.  Due to the restrictions it is necessary to hold this years’ meeting virtually.  In order to participate in the ZOOM meeting you will find a link below together with a password to join the meeting.  The meeting will have a waiting room system so it would help if you could already log in 5-10minutes ahead and this will allow us to start the meeting on time.  On joining you should be visible on video but will be muted.  The features are different on I Pads and laptops. If you wish to contribute verbally on a laptop you can press the space bar to unmute and on release will become mute again but on an iPad you can use reactions to raise a hand and in order to vote on both you can use the reactions to give a thumbs up.  After 40 minutes the meeting will expire and , if the meeting is not concluded, it would be necessary for you to re-enter using the same link, as we are using the domestic version of software.  If you are unable to attend it would be most helpful if you could send your apologies as well as stating that you approve us holding the meeting in this fashion.  Please accept my apologies if you are unable to attend due to not having the necessary equipment, but feel free to make any suggestion by email. 

With your approval the existing officers are willing to continue.  We would still appreciate a volunteer to take over the Chairmanship at in the medium term or sooner.  We also really need someone to step forward to at least advise on an effective Social Media presence as most of the current officers are already stretching their skills.  This should help us to communicate changes quickly in order to re-establish activities as soon as restrictions can be lifted and encourage our younger generation of members to participate more fully in group activities.

I look forward to “seeing” you at the meeting or on a walk before too long.

David Allen

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 789 3253 1396
Passcode: 4cEWUv

South Manchester Group LDWA Chairman’s report 2020

Although 2020 has been a very different and difficult year there have been many positives to celebrate.

Following the AGM held at the start of the year the group made its first venture into social media when Jean Osborne set up a What’s App group. Initially this was used to keep the walk leaders in touch but gradually widened to include most regular walkers and proved invaluable to keep contact during the Covid19 pandemic.   Ann Robinson proposed a series of mid-week walks with a good pace but shorter distances under the banner of Robbie’s Strolls.  These proved a huge success and were always well supported to the extent that places were booked up quickly whilst limiting to a maximum of six during Covid restrictions.  These strolls also helped several members who had suffered from health problems to rehabilitate.  Michael Magee volunteered to take up the post of Walks Secretary but by the time he was due to prepare the autumn programme it was no longer possible to have the walk leader meeting he had instigated.  In spite of this a programme was drawn up and published on the website only for the National Executive to decide that programmes would not be published in Strider.  In spite of this the Winter programme was developed and was one of the few full programmes in the December Strider.  Thanks to What’s App many walks were able to operate with small groups and leaders able to quickly adapt to ever changing regulations, risk assessments and recording participants for track and trace.  In conformity with GDPR communications to members were sent by LDWA bulk email system to ensure members data was protected.

Sadly some other activities were severely affected by the restrictions.  The Marshalls Breakfast CP for the Sir Fynwy 100 was cancelled leaving some members to chase refunds or arrange postponements for accommodation they had arranged.  High Peak Group had to cancel the Goyt Valley Challenge and the proposed weekend in Eskdale had to be abandoned.

Further positives were that contributions from members appeared in Strider and walk reports were posted on recent memories on the Group web site.  A small group began to attend regular social Zoom meetings on Friday evenings which were particularly appreciated by some members living alone during the lockdowns.  More recently some great photos taken on solo walks have been shared.  Hopefully we can look forward to a better year in 2021 especially in the second half.