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Please send your group walk GPX files, and  any comments about the walk (by leaders or participants), to the group walk secretary.

The following GPX files are displayed in date order of the walk, latest first. Some walks are not full group walks, as we go out regularly during the week on unpublished walks. Please contact the group walk secretary for further details.

Walks are circular unless otherwise stated.


Group Walks

A register should be kept of all attendees on a group walk. This link contains a template. Reasons why this is required can be seen here.

Walk Date Name GPX file  Mileage Elevation (ft)  Start/End Grid Ref  Details
14th December 2019

Devils Water Dawdle

Devils_Water.gpx 16.7 1996

Corbridge car park south side of river

Across Corbridge Common to Whitley Chapel, north towards Hexham, Dilston Hall and Corbridge
9th November 2019

Geltsdale Horseshoe

Geltsdale_Horseshoe.gpx 18 2546

Low Gelt Bridge car park

Geltbridge through Geltsdale
14th September 2019 Wild Wooler Wild_Wooler_.gpx 21 3826

Wooler Common

Part of the Hill Fort Round
10th August 2019 Cushy Bloody Wether Cushy_Bloody_Wether.gpx 19 3500

Clennell Hall, Harbottle NE65 7BG

Strenuous Cheviot walk using less popular route up Wether Cairn, across Cushat Law and Bloodybush Edge, then along Salters Road and easier walking back.
11th May 2019 Ice Cream Walk Ice_Cream_Walk.gpx 18.3 2028

Tyne Riverside Country Park, Low Prudhoe NP to Hexham

Linear walk starting with a train ride from Prudhoe to Hexham, visiting Wheelbirks Ice Cream on the way back.
30 March 2019 Len's Lens Lens_Lens.gpx 20 2506

Glanton NE66 4AP, near to the pub

North from Glanton to Ros Castle giving one of the best views in Northumberland. Also passes Cateran Hole.
26th January 2019 AGM 2019 walk AGM_2019_walk.gpx 15.8 2291


22 December 2018 Stannington Stannington.gpx 18.5 907

The Ridley Arms, Stannington


19 December 2018

Weldon Bridge Weldon_Bridge.gpx 17.7 1581 Angler's Arms, Weldon Bridge NZ137985 Out west crossing through streams and rough terrain. Gaiters recommended, and a weather watch required as lots of rain makes the streams 'interesting'.
17 December 2018
Hexham to Allendale Hexham_to_Allendale.gpx 16.6 2776 Hexham car park to Allendale NY938640 Linear walk with bus back. A surprisingly tough walk mainly uphill all the way.
15 December 2018 Plus Seven Degrees Plus_Seven_Degrees.gpx 15.5 1824 Wylam Riverside NE41 8BW NZ118646 Heading along the river bank to Horsley wood, Whittle Dene, Overdene, Ovington to our break stop at Stocksfield railway station. Onwards to High Mickley, Hyons Wood, Prudoe Dene then back through Daniel farm deer park to the Boathouse pub.
12 December 2018
Corbridge - most of churches and castles  Corbridge_-_most_of_churches_and_castles.gpx 17.6 1571 Corbridge car park NY987640 The start of 'churches and castles' walk then a more direct route back to Corbridge
03 November 2018 Elsdon Noose Elsdon_Noose.gpx 19.3 2318 Bird In Bush pub, Elsdon NY936931 Kirkwhelpington, Elsdon, Monkridge, East Woodburn, Linnheads, Ray Demesne, Catcherside, Winter’s Gibbet, return to Elsdon
08 September 2018 Five Esk Dales Five_Esk_Dales.gpx 21.2 3996 Lealholme car park NZ763076 Great Fryup Dale, Glaisdale, Egton Grange, Murk Esk return via Eskdale
21 July 2018 The Cronkley Scar The_Cronkely_Scar.gpx     Middleton in Teesdale, main c.p. near the fountain NY947254  
12 May 2018 Another Rothbury Ramble Another_Rothbury_Ramble.gpx 22 2452 Cowhaugh car park, Rothbury NU057015 Thropton, Burradon, Biddlestone, Alnham and Snitter to Rothbury. The route from Alnham the Wreigh Burn Valley crosses the Wreigh Burn several times so be prepared for a plodge.
05 May 2018 Minus Seven Degrees Minus_Seven_Degrees.gpx 19.2 1425 Wylam car park NZ118646 Close House, Heddon, Stamfordham, Whittle Dene reservoirs, Ovingham.
14 April 2018 Tors Tour Tors_Tour.gpx 20 3413 Middleton Hall picnic site, 1.5 miles south of Wooler  NT994256 Happy Valley, Carey Burn, Commonburn House, Newton Tors, Goldscleugh, Cold Law.
17 March 2018 A Rothbury Ramble Rothbury_Ramble.gpx 21 2709 Cowhaugh car park, Rothbury NU057015 Coquet Cairn, Fallowlees, Greenleighton, Fontburn Reservoir and the Forest Burn Valley. The route crosses 7 burns so be prepared for a good plodge. Boots and gaiters recommended.
Note that the GPX file starts and ends in central Rothbury, not the walk start/end in the car park.

03 March 2018


Muddy Hill Muddy_Hill.gpx  20 3140 Haydon Bridge. Park near to the Anchor Hotel NE47 6AB NY843642 Langley castle, Catton, Allendale Town, Staward Peel and Plankey Mill.
28th Oct 2017 The Frog Walk  The_Frog_Walk.gpx 17.4 2430 Stanhope, Durham Dales centre (park at the back spaces, front spaces time limited) DL13 2FJ NY996392 Linear walk past Stanhope Hall, Rookhope, Westgate, St John's Chapel to Cowshill. Recommend 8am start for return at 4.15pm by local bus approx £4 (note bus schedules change frequently).
14 October 2017 No helicopters, in reverse!  No_helicopters_in_reverse.gpx 19.2 3927 Ingram car park NU018163 Cunyan Crags, Dunmoor Hill, Hedgehope, Comb Fell and its peat hags! Coldlaw Cairn, Shieldcleugh edge before High and Low Bleakhope then picking up Salters Road. Eventually reaching Prentwick and over the hills back to the car park.
02 September 2017 Jason and The Argonauts Jason_and_The_Argonauts.gpx 21 2230 Slaley village NE47 0AA NY975577 Heading to Slaley Hall, Millshield picnic area at Derwent reservoir (toilets) Birkinside farm, cross A68 to Airy Holm reservoir before an easy farmland section to Whittonstall. Dropping down into the valley of the Lynn Burn then up to Cockshot Hill, Healey, Healey Hall and mill then heading back through the nature reserve to Slaley village.
23 August 2017 Corbridge to Haydon Bridge Corbridge_to_Haydon_Bridge.gpx 22.9 2640 Corbridge south side main car park NY988640 Linear walk. Corbridge, Acomb, Wall, Chollerford, along the wall to Broomlee Lough, to end at Haydon Bridge.
19 August 2017 Churches and Castles Churches_and_Castles.gpx 21.7 3040 Corbridge south side main car park NY988640 Halton Shields, Hadrian's Wall path, Acomb village, Halton Castle and Aydon Castle.































































Other Walks

Name GPX file  Mileage Elevation (ft)  Start/End Grid Ref  Details
Belford - Felton Belford_Felton.gpx 40 2216 Belford NU108338 Linear coastal walk. Annual training walk prior to the 100.