2011 Durham Dales Challenge - 25th June 2011

The photo gallery of this years Durham Dales

HQ by Chris McDowell & Nick Hooper -

Checkpoint 2 by Gordon Ball -

Check point 3 by Bruce Milburn -

Checkpoint 6 by Eric Hill -

Checkpoint 7 / C by Diane Smith -

Checkpoint E by Duncan Shiell -

The Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountian Rescue Team received £160 from the Durham Dales Challenge. If you remember rightly 50p from every entry is donated to the Team in thanks for the rescue cover they give us on the day of the event. This donation money is to be used towards the cost of a defibrillator.

During the day they had a table of merchandise on offer for competitors to purchase along with a donation bucket. I am pleased to say that they received a further £93 from you all. Attached are their thank you letters.



16 mile

Revised 30 mile

Route descriptions -


For further details, email the group secretary
Email: Group Secretary

Profits from the 2010 DDC were donated to The Great North Air Ambulance, The North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team and The Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team and each received £100.

Thank you letters from all three groups are below:

1. The Great North Air Ambulance

2. The North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team

3. The Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team


There was a great turn out for this year's Durham Dales Challenge with a total of 270 competitors taking part -

102 competitors on the 30 mile route, 87 completed

168 competitors on the 16 mile route, 166 completed

Very well done to you all and commiserations to those who had to retire, there's always next year.

Hope you all had an enjoyable day and see you next year.

Best wishes

Chris McDowell, Organiser and Northumbria Group Secretary

 Off they go

'tap into...'

Northumbria Water are supporting the Durham Dales Challenge by supplying'tap into'water. This water is bottled by them to promote drinking tap water for a healthy life at outdoor events.

Did you know that drinking water can help improve your health and fitness:-
Our bodies need water to survive; we would survive under a week without it.
Water in your blood helps deliver food and oxygen that your cells need to keep going.
If you feel thirsty or experience cramp during exercise then you may well be dehydrated this in turn can cause headaches, exercise will be harder and you will begin to feel tired.
Water doesn’t harm your teeth, is calorie and cholesterol free.

The amount you need depends on how active you are and what the weather is like.
So to help you complete the Durham Dales we are encouraging you to drink more water and this is why I applied to Northumbria Water for help.
So, watch out for those special bottles of water that will be used to supply you with fluids at different checkpoints along the way.

Hope you enjoy your day.
Chris McDowell
Northumbria Group Secretary