The Haltwhistle Hundred

As the Sir Fynwy 100 was cancelled again this year the event was organised as a virtual hundred on the usual Spring Bank Holiday weekend. Northumbria Group decided to put on our own event. Group Member Lexi Widdowson kindly allowed us the use of her farm buildings near Haltwhistle as a base for the weekend 19 Group members took part together with family and friends to give them moral support and supply food and drink at various places on their route. Most of us did a series of loops of 10 - 20 miles based at the farm, coming back for refuelling after each loop. The farm is in a great location with easy access to the Roman Wall Trail, the South Tyne Trail south to Alston and the River Tyne Trail east to Bardon Mill as well as the Pennine Way

Ten members of the group completed a Hundred Mile route in under 48 hours,

Gary Robson         30 hrs 43 min   Gary did his own independent effort on the North Yorkshire Hundred Route

Juliet Percival        30 hrs 48 min

Lyang Tang            42hrs 14 min

Paul Nellist             42hrs 14 min

Neil Mansfield         42hrs 18 min

Peter Ford               42 hrs 18min

Eric Wrightson        42 hrs 45 min

Dave Thornton        42 hrs 45 min

Alan Yeats               44hrs 42 min

Len Fallick               44hrs 42 min


Len is an old hand with nearly 40 hundreds to his name. Juliet, Peter, Neil and Paul are also experienced one hundred milers.. However after several attempts in the past, this is the first time Alan has completed the full distance. Liyang, Dave and Eric are 100 virgins 

The rest of the group completed at least 50 miles in less than 24 hours and so have qualified to enter the Trans-Pennine Hundred next year

Ian Hislop                  70+ miles       32hrs 30 min

David Stabler             70+ miles       32 hrs 30 min


Bill Milbourne             50+ miles       18hrs 11min

Jo Squires-Parkin       50+ miles       18hrs 24 min

Chris Squires-Parkin    50+ miles      18hrs 24 min

Alex Harris                  50+ miles        21hrs 25 min

Ian Millican                 50+ miles         21 hrs 25 Min

Anthony Murray          50+ miles         22 hrs

Adrian Wade               50+ miles         22 hrs

Graham Jons              50+ miles        23hrs 06 mins