Event Rules - Terms & Conditions


The Kilburn Kanter Anytime Challenge

Terms & Conditions:

By entering the event, you are agreeing that you have read, understood and will comply with the following event terms & conditions:

  1. You agree that you participate in the event at your own risk.
  2. You understand that you are responsible for ensuring that you have undertaken the necessary preparation and training to participate in the event.
  3. That you are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate and that you will comply with all relevant UK Government COVID laws and guidelines.
  4. You understand that if you have a medical condition that would cause you to doubt whether you can participate in the event, then you will not do so unless you have sought reassurance from a medical professional.
  5. You will abide by the Countryside Code and understand that the Long Distance Walkers Association will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, action, cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worst case scenario, death suffered as a result of your participation.
  6. On entering the event, you assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, accident, costs, expenses, damages, losses and any other liabilities which may occur while you are travelling to and from the event and during the event.


Event rules

  1. A parent or legal guardian's written consent for those under 18 years.
  2. Maximum 10 hour time limit.
  3. Kit requirements as follows: Map, Compass, Waterproofs, Fleece, Whistle, Torch, First Aid Kit.
  4. Entrants are responsible for their own navigation on the specified route and travel back to their start if unable to continue.


Appendix A - The Country Code

  1. Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work
  2. Guard against all risk of fire
  3. Fasten all gates
  4. Keep your dogs under close control
  5. Keep to public paths across farmland
  6. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  7. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  8. Take your litter home
  9. Help to keep all water clean
  10. Protect wildlife, plants and trees
  11. Take special care on country roads
  12. Make no unnecessary noise