North of Scotland Walk Guidance Notes

Taking a dog on a LDWA walk

It is recognised that, for some dog owners, it is important they can bring their dogs along on walks. Local groups have different approaches in this area; there is no standard national policy. Local groups and walk leaders can decide on the most appropriate approach for their group/walk based on local circumstances and times of year. Ultimately the decision to allow dogs on walks rests with the walk leader or walk organiser, though if no dogs are allowed this must be made clear prior to the walk. Assistance dogs are normally allowed on LDWA walks. The walk leader can insist on dogs being on leads, and in particular dogs must be kept on leads anywhere where there is a possibility of livestock.Owners must provide verbal confirmation to the walk leader that their dog is covered by pet owners’ liability insurance before the walk.

Going on a Moray Mountaineering Club bus meet

Guidance notes for joint walks on the Moray Mountaineering Club bus meets (Approved 25th February 2016)