Don't miss out, find a local walk, or try one of our local walks


There is no reason why you should not walk in the countryside if you are physically able to do so without compromising the health of others during the current COVID 19 restrictions.

Where to find local walk details

There are plenty of walk descriptions of various lengths on the internet, if you need some inspiration. The best site to visit in Scotland is Walkhighlands, but there are also many smaller walking web sites for towns and villages such as the Forres Footpath Trust.

There are also maps available for permanent orienteering routes. have a go at one of the many permanent orienteering courses throughout Scotland, the maps are free or very cheap to download from the link. No need to run, take your time and practice your map reading. Great for tiring out kids too! Let us know how you get on by commenting on our Facebook pages!

The walks we have developed

If you have the GPS device you can search for and download GPX files for some of our past walks from the LDWA walks database