Social Walk Guidelines & Forms

Guidelines for Walk Leaders, as well as the Social Walk Register Form, the Accident and Incident Form, and a Social Walk Risk Assessment Template, are available in the Social Walks section of the Members' Toolkit on the LDWA main website:

If possible please record a GPX file for your walk and send it to Jane or Nicolas so that we can add it to the Walks Database. If you can also send us some photos from your walk, and even a short (one or two lines) report or description, we will add these into our picture gallery on the N&S website. Please be sure to check that everyone in the pictures is happy for them to be used in this way!

Walk Leaders Allowance

There is money provided for N&S LDWA walk leaders to treat members to coffees/ice creams/chips/cake/whatever - so you can surprise and delight walkers. The allowance can also be used to cover cost of public transport for a linear walk, donation to church or village hall for use of their car park or other facilities, etc.

There is an allowance of up to £3.00 per walker for refreshments with a total allowance of up to £30.00 per walk for all expenses. A claim form can be found here:

Expenses form (in .pdf format) [updated 30/06/2023]

Claim forms should be accompanied by receipts, or copies of emails to venues where a donation has been made. This could be a BACS payment if necessary.

When submitting a claim for expenses, please include the actual walk date, and the number of walkers for whom refreshments have been provided.

The budget for this allowance results from surplus income from our challenge events.

Social Walk Leader Recce Allowance.

There is money provided for N&S LDWA walk leaders to recce social walks. This is intended as a contribution as opposed to full reimbursement, and recognises the time and cost (in particular travel cost) that a leader may have when developing social walks for N&S LDWA.

** This is a new initiative effective from 1st August 2023 and may be revised on an ongoing basis to ensure it remains fair and applicable for all members.**

A leader can claim for the cost of one recce journey up to a maximum of 50 miles (i.e. from home to start point and return). Mileage can be claimed at £0.30 per mile. Therefore a maximum of £15.00 can be claimed for one recce for one social walk.
Leaders with EV’s can claim in the same way.
Leaders travelling by other forms of transport (bus, train) may claim for one recce journey up to a maximum of £15.00.
Leaders choosing to carryout more than one recce of a social walk, which although often acknowledged to be necessary, can still only claim for one recce journey irrespective of the distance.

• All claims should be made to the group Treasurer ( using the groups expenses form.
• The walk must be formally published on the N&S LDWA website.
• Claims can only be made after the social walk has taken place.
• Claims cannot be made for walks that are repeated within a 24 month period, unless otherwise agreed.
• Claims cannot be made for parking charges, food, drink during the recce.
• Claims cannot be made on behalf of another member.

Similar rules apply for challenge event organisers recceing routes. However, it is acknowledged that recceing a challenge event is very different so claims should be agreed with the N&S committee.