Corvedale Cake Walk 2020 22 mile route

Corvedale Cake Walk

Route description – 22 mile route

Stage 1 – Holdgate to Abdon Burf SO594 866

Distance 6Km 3.8 miles

From Holdgate Church you follow the orange markers of the Shropshire Way main route till the climb to Abdon Burf. The Shropshire Way does a circuit of the hill, but you go straight up. There are some Shropshire Way stickers on stiles you do not cross – look at the arrows!

From the church car park turn right and in 300m turn left over a stile. Follow the waymarked path over 3 fields. In the 4th field (level with ruined house) cross the stile on left (may be blocked by fallen tree – if so use nearby gate) and turn right to continue in the same direction crossing another stile. Climb slightly left handed to stile into a copse. Climb left through trees into field. Cross stile and turn left. At gate turn right and in 100m cross stile on right (the one with the orange marker) to Earnstrey Hall. Follow drive to road.

Next section usually has cows in fields – if you have a dog avoid cows by turning Left then right on road

Cross road, over stile, and cross 2 fields. In 3rd field turn left. Cross 3 fields to gate onto road by house. Turn right. In 200m turn right over stile and drop on sunken track to cross 2 bridges. Turn right after 2nd bridge to follow edge of sunken track uphill. At field corner turn left to follow fence to road. Turn right to T junction. Turn left on road and fork right (sign Cockshutford) to ‘phone box (now a library).

In 100m turn left through gate uphill on track. Where Shropshire Way turns left, continue on track uphill to second gateway. Fork left on grassy track with fence on your right. Through gate to follow wet path to wireless masts, trig point and toposcope on Abdon Burf.

You are now on the highest spot in Shropshire.

Stage 2 Abdon Burf to Clee St Margaret Village Hall SO567 846

Distance 5Km 3 miles

Retrace your steps to the gate and turn left (you are now back on the Shropshire Way) following the fence and waymarks. In 900m as you approach gate look to your left to see in the heather a memorial to the 23 Allied and German airmen who lost their lives on the Clee Hills 1939 – 45.

Through gate. In 130m at the lowest point between the 2 hills (Abdon Burf and Clee Burf) turn right, downhill on grassy path that cuts left handed across the hillside. At path junction fork left on the higher path continuing across the hillside to join a tarmac track. Turn right on track 400m to Nordy Bank hillfort (prominent earthworks to left of track). Where track turns sharply right, follow grassy path through the ramparts of the hillfort.

Walk through the hill fort to the far side to exit through one of the gaps in the ramparts. Head downhill (West) to where right-angled corner of field juts out onto common land and walk down fence line to gate onto lane behind houses. Turn right and at road turn left. Village Hall is 100m on your right.

Checkpoint Clee St Margaret Village Hall.



Stage 3 Clee St Margaret to Tugford SO556 870

Distance 3.5 Km 2.2 miles

You join the Jack Mytton Way in Clee St Margaret and follow its rather faded waymarks – a blue horseshoe with a rider jumping through – to Tugford

After the village hall there is a choice between walking along the road – or a more adventurous path

Leave village hall and turn right. Either Continue on road to turn right (sign Ludlow) to ford. -Or - Cross stile on right after Fort St Margaret. Walk to bottom right hand corner of field, through gate. Follow waymarks round building and over bridge and drop left to ford. Turn right.

Continue on road for 150m to turn right on track (sign “no motorbikes”). You are now on the Jack Mytton Way. Follow enclosed track to gate into field. Continue downhill to further gate and path crossing stream. Through metal gate and up field with hedge on your right. Through metal gate and continue uphill with hedge on your left. At next gate cut diagonally across field to house . Through gate by house and up field to road at staggered cross roads.

You are now at Heath. To visit the Heath Chapel, a 12th Century chapel and grade 1 listed building, turn left 80m to gate on right. The chapel is usually open and well worth a visit. Return to cross road and turn left.

Follow road North with chapel enclosure on your left for 100m and turn left into field. The lumps and bumps in the field are all that remains of the deserted village of Heath. At next gate turn right with fence on you right crossing 2 fields. In third field drop diagonally downhill to join track but be careful here. You do NOT follow the track all the way downhill but head across the grass to a corner in the woodland where you join a woodland track eventually dropping to a field and down to the road near Tugford.

Stage 4 Tugford to Munslow SO521 877

Distance 4.5Km 2.8 miles

At Broncroft Mill you join the Corvedale 3 Castles Walk and follow the waymarks (with orange castles) to Munslow

Turn left for 200m to kissing gate on right. Leave the Jack Mytton Way and follow yellow footpath waymarks across 2 fields with the Tugford Brook on your right. Enter grounds of Broncroft Mill and up driveway. At top of rise cross stile on your left – you are now on the 3 Castles Walk- and turn right. Walk parallel to driveway to road. Turn right.

You now pass Broncroft castle, a fortified manor dating to the 14th century. It is one of the few inhabited castles in Shropshire.

Cross Tugford Brook on road bridge and turn left over stile. Cross 3 fields (brook on your left). Turn right keeping hedge on your right over 6 fields. Turn right at waymark over small field to cross bridge. Turn left. In 5m drive bends sharp right. Walk past house and through gate on right. Turn left up 3 fields to stile onto road.

Cross road with great care to stile opposite. Up field to enclosed path between buildings. Turn left. In 150m keep left on road. Where road bends right leave 3 Castles Walk and stay on road to junction. Straight over to Munslow Church.

The church is usually open and has some fine 15th and 16th century stained glass, and a carved dog in the cruck frame porch.


Stage 5 Munslow to Eaton Church SO499 899

Distance 6.5 Km 4 miles

Follow road around church (Church on your left). Road becomes track. Follow track through 2 gates and climb with a disused quarry on the right. Track curves sharp right to gate and continues with fence on right. In 250m turn left uphill. Continue for 900m through woodland to T junction. Turn right on track that traverses hillside. In 200m the track drops downhill and swings left alongside wood to a field and footpath gate. Cross field with fence on your right to driveway of Wetmore farm.

Ahead on driveway to join lane. Ahead on lane for 1.2Km to the hamlet of Middlehope. At road junction turn right uphill. At top of short rise turn right to gate at footpath sign Turn left uphill. Over stile to cross half right across field to stile. Turn left uphill. Path enters woods. Ahead and in 150m at waymark post turn right through beech trees 300m to stile and path junction. Keep left downhill. Keep straight down (despite arrow suggesting you turn left) to cleared area. Turn right and fork left at waymarked track. At open area turn left (large sign “footpath”). Emerge into field and turn right with wood on your right. Cross 2 fields and join track down to buildings. Turn right to Church.

Checkpoint Eaton Church.

Stage 6 Eaton to Wilderhope Manor

Distance 5.5Km 3.4 miles

From the church turn right to climb back into the wood on an enclosed track. You are now back on the Jack Mytton Way. Bear left on the main track and keep climbing eventually coming out of the trees at a gate onto Wenlock Edge.

Ahead crossing grass to corner of wood. Ahead with wood on your left. Follow the waymarks of the Jack Mytton Way along the top of the edge and down stony track to road. Turn left. At road junction cross onto track ahead (still on Jack Mytton Way) to continue along the edge. The track (which also has Shropshire Way signs) passes through National Trust woodland for 2.5 Km than emerges into fields before reaching a road.

Cross road and down driveway to Wilderhope Manor.

Wilderhope Manor is an Elizabethan manor belonging to the National Trust that now houses a Youth Hostel

Stage 6 Wilderhope Manor to Holdgate SO561 896

Distance 5.5Km 3.4 miles

You could follow the well waymarked Shropshire Way back to Holdgate or try this alternative.

Pass YHA on your right and continue on track through gate. Ignore turn to Wilderhope Coppice Walk. In 200m turn right over stile with fence on your right. Keep ahead with fishing lake on your right. Over footbridge, step over wire fence and uphill to path junction. Turn right over plank bridge and stile and uphill (South) with trees on your left. Through gate and diagonally across field to top fence. With fence on your left continue into Stanway Coppice. Path runs just inside coppice and after 800m emerges to continue down side of coppice. In 900m do not take track back into wood but descend alongside the wood to field corner to turn right and cross stile at side of farmhouse. Cross bridge and head diagonally left to stile onto road. You are now back on the Shropshire Way.

Turn left to main road. Cross with great care. Turn right 50m to cross stile. Follow waymarks over 2 fields. In 3rd field follow right hand fence to corner with road and turn left 100 parallel to road to stile. Cross road to opposite stile and ahead across 3 fields to Holdgate Church.


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