Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA


gavin south west london

Gavin had three chaperones for his South West London Tops walk at the weekend
PHOTO Gavin Fuller


The Windmill Walk

Last week teams from Essex & Herts and London successfully completed Capital Challenge Mark 2, a.k.a. The Windmill Walk, which took us west and south on a most interesting and entertaining 26-miler from St. John's Church, Waterloo Road to Crystal Palace. If you haven't yet given it a go, organiser Jean O'Reilly has kindly extended this Anytime's availabilty to the end of this month. Highly recommended. 


cap chall rematch two

Ginny, Pete and yours truly at the boy and dolphin water fountain, Hyde Park
PHOTO Gill Struthers




cap chall brixton windmill

The Brixton Windmill. Who's that wino sitting on the bench?
PHOTO Gill Struthers




cap chall crystal palace

Essex & Herts 2 London 2. A lovely walk ends in a draw at Crystal Palace station
PHOTO Ginny Powell



LDWA 50th Anniversary cookery book

Calling all London Group chefs and catering specialists! You might have seen in August Strider that one of the projects being looked at for the LDWA's 50th Anniversary celebrations is a cookery book.

The cookery book aims to include recipes that are local to each LDWA group's  area, and which are, or have been, provided as part of challenge events, either on checkpoints or at the end of the event. It will also feature recipes for meals walkers might look at having the night before events as well as snacks/ treats they may take in their rucksack. 

More details to follow...



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