Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

It's been one of those weeks when nothing and everything has been happening, which is to say that there have been no missives from on high (i.e. the National Committee) to pique your interest and in the meantime everyone has been too busy to check in with responses and anecdotes because we've all been out on proper social walks at last. This, then, is going to be something of a Jabber photo gallery, starting with Gavin's Bluebell Walk from Croydon to Coulsdon. Apparently this turned into all-but-21 miler, but nobody perished. 


croydon to coulsdon

Croydon to Coulsdon
PHOTO Gavin Fuller


My front garden is carpeted with bluebells at this time of year and they look lovely, but I'm always slightly miffed that they aren't the native ones but the Spanish heads-up variety. By the look of them those below, encountered on Gavin's walk, are the real indigenous thing.


croydon bluebell walk

Proper British bluebells!
PHOTO Gavin Fuller


Meanwhile last Tuesday Team London (Lonica and moi) met Team Essex & Herts (Ginny, Gill and Mick) for an unofficial Anytime over the original Capital Challenge route, starting off outside St John's Church in Waterloo Road. What a great time we had - London not too busy and the weather clement apart from a few blasts of rain (we discovered the best way of staving it off was for me to put my rain jacket on, at which the skies would miraculously clear). A major cause for celebration was that the Pergola on Hampstead Heath was open, as were the loos. The last three times I've walked this route both features have been disappointingly closed! The Olympic Park was absolutely rocking with people enjoying themselves outdoors and bicycles even more ubiquitous than ever. We finished at the London Stadium rather than going the extra stretch to the View Tube Cafe and detoured to Stratford station where Team Essex & Herts could hop on a train and repatriate themselves. It was a great day out. More, please!  


tuesday cap chall one

St John's, Waterloo Road - Julie, Ginny, Mick and Lonica



tuesday cap chall two

Checkpoint One - Gill with a personage familiar everyone who's done the Capital Challenge



tuesday cap chall three

It's open! Ginny, Lonica, Mick and Gill at the Pergola 



tuesday cap chall four

Come on you Irons! - Outside the London Stadium, home of West Ham



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