Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA


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St James Park, late February
PHOTO Susanne Waldschmidt



Reactions to the Guardian article, A joyless trudge, written by a Canadian baffled by the British love for unfeasibly long walks and posted in last week's Jabber, turned out to be a bit Marmite. The last line - ' And so, once more around the cemetery' - made me laugh so much I nearly spat out my tea. Susanne Waldschmidt, on the other hand, was most indignant: 


'What a bloody depressing article!!!  Clearly not written by one of our intrepid LDWA members. 

So something a bit more positive and definitely worth the 13 mile round walk there and back. (Picture taken in St James Park on 27th February 2021 at 9am)


I wondered lonely as a cloud the empty streets of London town

The springtime sun was shining; no need to let things get me down

Suddenly I saw a crowd …………………..'




As we used to say in Olde Fleet Street, this has been a slow news week, with a general tone of not-much-happening, though Jabber would would like to congratulate Julie Cribb on becoming the new LDWA Chair. As Local Groups Secretary, she put in an enormous amount of effort to keep things going after everything shut down a year ago, and it's great to know that the LDWA continues to be in good hands. This year's AGM was a virtual one, of course, which allows me to segue into something else virtual  - indeed, it's another effort from Julie C.

North West Grampian are organising the Virtual Challenge for March, showcasing their area each day with themes for photos and comments. It started at the beginning of March but as it doesn't have to be a daily challenge it doesn't matter if you join in late. Here's the link: March virtual challenge




A change of date is in the offing for Gavin's Midsummer Challenge. Some detective work by Dave Williams unearthed the details of the original walk in Newsletter 63. It took place on Sunday 3rd July, and this year that day is a Saturday, so why not hold it on the 10th anniversary? As Dave says, that would be a nice touch. 




Going back even further in time, LDWA member Chris Sweetman posted this photo on Twitter - a book he first read over 50 years ago in his school library. Do any of our more mature members remember it? I have to say, his school library sounds as though it was a lot more fun than the dreary one at Felixstowe College where I spent my formative years.


old hike book sweetman




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