Julie's Jabber - The shape of things to come

Julie's Jabber - The shape of things to come
Julie's Jabber - The shape of things to come

How it is right now...


crystal palace in snow

Crystal Palace Park, January
PHOTO Corinne Thompson


How it's going to be... 


raphael park romford

Raphael Park, Romford


Three cheers. Ron Williamson has whiled away the current spell of non-stop rain and bitter north-east winds by putting together a list of potential walks for when we're let out of captivity, I'm taking a punt here but I think the photo above is from last year's Escape From Romford (no doubt I'll swiftly be informed if that's wrong); anyway, a repeat of said walk is in the offing, along with several other good 'uns. I can't wait for the Tarmac Walkers Club to reconvene. The list has been sent to Marie, so hopefully some will appear in a future London LDWA programme.




Lakeland Virtual Challenge

The Lakeland group are going to run the February Virtual Challenge on Facebook to encourage people to get out each day and also to share information and anecdotes about the Lake District in general.  Could you please let your members know to head over to the Lakeland Virtual Challenge page to sign up for the challenge by 'liking' their page and to watch for further information from the 1st of February.



lakeland virtual challenge

'Around Beetham way' - a last Lakeland walk before lockdown


Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy

Between the 29 and 31 May 2021, the Virtual - Y 100 Sir Fynwy will be taking place. This will allow any LDWA member to walk a 100-mile route of their choice and entries can be made at Y 100 Sir Fynwy 

Entrants will want different things from this event, some will want this to be a private challenge, but we know others will want to feel included as part of a wider event. So, there will be a optional Facebook group and WhatsApp group just for entrants to discuss their training ideas, ask questions of others or just chat through their route and what food and drink they're taking.

And LDWA groups can take part as well. We're conscious that Covid-19 rules aren't yet certain, but we're hopeful that by late May it'll be possible for groups to help their local members who are taking part in the 100 walk. Some groups have already planned pop-up checkpoints, some are collecting the names of volunteers to walk part of the route with entrants to provide company, or to be on call as a mobile checkpoint service to offer moral support. We're hoping groups will consider this in their local area, seeing what they can do to help entrants and seeing if walkers want to buddy up for some or all of the route.

This is a great opportunity for the LDWA community to work together to help those brave walkers and runners taking part in the 100. And, anyone who walks 50 miles in 24 hours or under will qualify for the 100 in 2022 so some entrants might want assistance in completing this shorter distance. 

There's also lots that is being planned publicity wise before and during the event and we'll keep in contact with entrants and groups. But, for now, please do see what you can do in your local group. Groups can also see who's entered from their area at  Y Sir Fynwy entrants 

Julie Cribb





And finally...

Many thanks to Dave Williams for sending me this cartoon about footballers' goal celebrations in a time of Covid  (not applicable to Spurs at the moment)  by the always brilliant Matt.

Matt carton from dave




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