Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Thanks to one of those weird but apt coincidences I share my birthday with Tottenham Hotspur. We both made our entry into the world on September 5th, though Spurs pre-date me somewhat as they were founded in 1882. However, after all the celebratory Malbec I drank on Saturday night I definitely felt 138 years old on Sunday morning. Which leads me on to this coming weekend, which will feature another celebration - indeed, a mass jolly (responsibly socially-distanced, of course) - as London Group members toast the 25th anniversary of its founding. As was mentioned last week, we'll be featured in Group Focus in December Strider. Many thanks to Susanne Waldschmidt for responding to my appeal for photos with some excellent ones of our volunteer force on various Hundreds. Dave Williams sent the one below - great, isn't it? 



first founders challenge group

First Founders Challenge
Marshals' Walk, 21st September 1997

(L - R) Bill Thompson, Dave Williams, Jim Palmer, Colin Saunders, Peter Heskins, Paul Lawrence, Roger Moss




Last Tuesday some of us had the pleasure of taking part in one of Ron Williamson's current series of non-LDWA walks. This one started at Fenchurch Street station and was a classic Tarmac Walkers expedition, full of interesting sights and snippets of information and discoveries (for instance, I never knew that a blue plaque had been stuck on the wall of the birthplace of Rio Ferdinand, former England, West Ham and Manchester Utd defender.)  We also saw - and this is only a precis - the remains of the 14th Century manor occupied by Henry IV when he had leprosy, the longest street in London, the site of the discovery of the Camberwell Beauty butterfly, the site of the notorious Corset Factory bombing, and Anthony Gormley's bollards. There was much, much more, of course. Many thanks to Ron, and let's hope he's able to offer this as an official London Group walk when normal life resumes

All the photos were taken by Ian Watson


collection of barges thames

Barge Gardens
We've heard of a gaggle of geese and a stare of owls (yes, really) but what's the collective noun for a lot of barges?



the new den millwall

The New Den
Ron, George, Keith, Joelle and me outside the home ground  (since 1994) of Millwall FC



rio ferdinand blue plaque

Rio Ferdinand's birthplace in Camberwell

You need to squint a bit to read the blue plaque but  it's there



only fools at peckham

Peckham Lodge
This noble building, formerly the premises of the Transport and General Workers Union, is now a destination hotel



And finally...


If only the road below was in London. Sadly, it's Leeds which boasts this magnificently named street, otherwise I'd organise a walk there like a shot. I googled it, half-expecting to find out it was a parody but there really is a Cavalier Approach. The postcode is within the Burmantofts & Richmond Hill ward/electoral division which, so the website 'Interesting Information about Cavalier Approach' informs me, is in the constituency of Leeds Central. It seems to be on a hill connected with a pub called The Cavalier, so called because the Royalists camped on that hill before the attack on Leeds during the civil war. That, though, is guesswork. Is The Cavalier still open for business and is it a Wetherspoons now? If anyone has more specific information I'd love to hear about it. 


cavalier approach road sign




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