Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

How on earth do people find the time and energy to be celebrities? With a new book out, I've had a week of (very fleeting) fame and it has completely exhausted me. On the plus side it's gratifying to appear on radio and TV and have your picture in the papers but on the minus end of things it means 1) you're trying to cook supper with one hand while your other is clutching your mobile as you try to sound fascinating during a phone interview for a mid-evening talk show that will probably be listened to by 9 people 2) you can't actually be out doing the things you'd far rather be doing. Ron Williamson put on a lovely non-LDWA walk from Fambridge to Ingatestone at the weekend and I was really disappointed to miss it. It also means that I've been so busy blathering on the airwaves that Jabber is shorter than I'd like to be - apologies for that. By next week, I hope, I'll have sunk back into obscurity.


north fambridge to ingatestone

North Fambridge to Ingatestone
PHOTO Stephen Wills



Hold the date!

London LDWA's 25th Anniversary Walks are scheduled for Saturday 12th September. We will have multiple walks happening so that everyone can take part. We'll let everyone know about the finalised arrangements as soon as possible.







Missing bulk emails


An addendum to what went out in last week's Jabber. Gavin is planning to try and see what the scale of people not receiving or having trouble receiving the bulk emails is and explore this further. However, he can only do this if people let him what issues they're having. If people are having problems, please let him know at london.web@ldwa.org.uk to enable me to get some idea of the scale of the issue.




If you go down to the woods today... some lovely pictures from last week's walks 



bola west humble abinger

That tree's grown a funny bloom
Spotted by Bola on her 19 mile tour round West Humble and Abinger



nigel heys train alresford

The perfect location for a remake of Brief Encounter
NIgel captured this lovely old-fashioned sight during a 21-mile walk based around Alresford



clandon stomp by jerome

The Clandon Stomp - Jerome's walk in the Surrey Hills
PHOTO  Mari Espinar


And finally...

Still on a woody theme, here's some striking work from James Brunt, an artist I discovered (inevitably) via his Twitter account. You can see more of it on his website James Brunt



james brunt wood leaves




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