Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

I thought the easing of lockdown measures would put me in an optimistic mood. Instead, over the last few days, I've been having the odd low spell because of the  uncertainty about what happens next. It's been rather like watching Spurs defend a 2-1 lead in the final moments of a game and thinking that the agony will soon be all over, when suddenly five minutes added time is flagged up. Then you just sit there waiting for the inevitable equaliser, while time passes at roughly the length of the Crimean Wars. To cut a long explanation short, I had begun gloomily to expect news of a second wave of coronavirus to bring an end to all the gains that have been made.  

So yesterday I decided to go the long way round to do the supermarket shop. Twelve miles might be entry level for an LDWA-type but it was lovely. I smiled benignly as I zipped past the Crooked Billet Waddlers and made swift pas-de-chats into the road to let the rows of Woolwich & Bexleyheath Formation Pushchair Trundlers pass undisturbed without even hissing, 'You're welcome,' when they failed to acknowledge my selfless gesture. Even queuing, finally,  at M & S, masked and gloved in a flimsy T-shirt and jogging capris (not the most dignified of outfits)  in a 20-metre line in a sudden cloudburst failed to dim my cheerfulness. t's amazing how a walk can raise the spirits. 

Which leads me to more reasons to be cheerful. There might be a bit of extra faffing around to join a social walk right now, but so far these new arrangements are going smoothly. Two walks have now been organised for this Saturday, and another for Saturday week. No doubt more will follow in due course, so here's a reminder of the current LDWA guidelines, as delivered by London Group: 

The maximum number on social walks is six, one of whom must be the walk leader, and all must be primary members. Leaders will need to contact Marie, the Walks Secretary, in advance to let her know they are offering a walk in their particular ‘hub’. The ‘hub’ area and leader’s name, email address and phone number will be circulated via bulk email, and participants must contact this leader to book a place, not just turn up on the day.
Having registered, giving a contact email address, they will then be told the exact location and walk details. The system will operate on a first come, first served basis, so if you want to take part, you'd better get your skates on. Jerome's upcoming walk was fully booked almost as soon as it was announced. 
But however you manage it and wherever you go, happy walking!



LDWA July Virtual 100 Challenge


From Julie Cribb, LDWA Local Groups Secretary: 

If you’d like to bring some focus to your exercise in July why not join in with the LDWA Virtual 100-mile Challenge.

Even though the restrictions on exercise are being eased across the UK, the May Challenge was attractive to many LDWA members who for one reason or another could not manage long distances,  but the challenge of walking just over 3 miles a day, each day in the month was not only achievable, but also gave many a focus.   However, the challenge is open to EVERYONE, regardless of how little or how far they can walk – the only request we make is that people should only record the distance they cover in any one hour of daily activity.

Quite apart from the exercise itself, the associated Facebook page, for those on social media, was hugely successful in creating a friendly and supportive community for sharing photographs and experiences, especially at a time when group walks were suspended.  However, it is quite possible to participate without using Facebook as the spreadsheet is held on the member pages of the LDWA website.

The theme for the July Challenge is Long Distance Paths and information on how to join in are on the LDWA Website under News and on the main LDWA Facebook page now.  The Challenge itself will begin on Wednesday 1st July. Everyone who participates will receive a virtual memento of the event.



wish you were here

Wish you were here?






skewbald pony stalker ian

'The skewbald stalker' - Ian Fairweather is such a good leader than even horses follow him

PHOTO Gavin Fuller



pete colley brimstone hill

A daunting prospect = the 8.848ft above sea level massif of Brimstone Hill, bagged by Pete Colley and Ron Williamson during the inaugural outing of the South East Essex Alpine Club

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