The Four Day Matches

The Four Day Matches
The Four Day Matches

The Four Days Marches

The Walk of The World 2020: 21-24 July 2020


A number of London LDWA members have expressed an interest in participating in this walking event which takes place each year in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

It has grown into the largest multi-day walking event in the world. More than 42,000 participants walk for four days in Nijmegen and its surrounding countryside. Those who have done it say it is an awe-inspiring event due to it’s magnitude and the unforgettable atmosphere that prevails.

All information regarding the event can be found at:


If you want to participate then registration opens on the 3rd February 2020.  The rules of the event are quite numerous which is unsuprising due to the logistical task of organising 42,000 people safely.

We are not going to attempt a group booking as this restricts us to staying in a formal group to walk.  If you want to have a go then please register. When we know how many of us have places we can then maybe organise car sharing or travelling over together, and walking together if possible, meeting up in the evening etc.


The preferred option for a first attempt seems to be the 40km a day route which over the four days amounts to 161km.  It is at the end of July so could be hot!

Please email me if you need further information or to let me know you have successfully registered. Then we can start up either a Facebook group or similar to exchange views and to plan the trip over, to meet up etc. 

Ian Fairweather

London Committee Social Secretary

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