AGM full set test

AGM full set test
AGM full set test

Testing whether it can cope with a lot of links

Please find attached the documents for our AGM at 18:00 on Wednesday 13th February; upstairs in the King and Queen pub, 1 Foley Street,  W1W 6DL. The documents are:

LDWAL19-4 Agenda
LDWAL19-5 Treasurer’s report
LDWAL19-6 Accounts I&E
LDWAL19-7 Accounts SFP
LDWAL19-9 Capital Challenge report
LDWAL19-10 Founders’ challenge report

LDWAL19-11 Challenge walks the future
LDWAL19-12 Web report
LDWAL19-13 Survey of Members report
LDWAL19-14 Example of walk register

The Walks Secretary's report will be sent later in the week.

Those attending will be invited to a thank you meal on Wednesday 27th February.

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