Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think
Tell us what you think

What do you need from LDWA London? Do you get what you want, could it be better, and if so how? 


Earlier this year, LDWA London members asked your committee to set up a survey which could help us answer those questions. Here it is - we're sending this link ( to every primary member of London LDWA for whom we have an email address. We really hope you can find the time to reply - it should only take ten minutes or so of your time.

We'll share the answers through the weekly email and there will be a formal report at the 2019 AGM - which, by the way, is planned for the evening of Wednesday 13 February at the King & Queen pub, Foley Street W1W 6DL, the same venue as last year.

Any problems, please email us at

Peter Aylmer
Chair, LDWA London Group

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