London to Brighton Part 3 - this week's walking with London LDWA

London to Brighton Part 3 - this week's walking with London LDWA
London to Brighton Part 3 - this week's walking with London LDWA

Just the one walk on offer this week, but it's a good 'un - the third leg of Jerome's London to Brighton Odyssey, taking in the Weald to the edge of the South Downs. Scroll down for all the details. Meanwhile, now we've entered the final one-third of 2018, it's time to plan your autumn walking. Why not save the date for London LDWA's iconic event, the Founders Challenge? What about lending your services on the day? You still get the chance to walk this 27-mile route, on the Marshals' Walk on 29 September, and on the day itself your contribution will help everyone have a great time.


Founders Challenge

A highlight of the Autumn calendar is the Founders Challenge on Saturday 13th October. To make it memorable we need you to volunteer!

Gordon Parker is still looking for a few more marshals to help with preparing and serving food, managing the car parking and greeting and supporting at checkpoints.

We will provide transport from Guildford station to Peaslake but it does mean getting an early train: ideally the 0645 from Waterloo via Clapham, or from 0715 there are trains every 15 minutes. However, we need marshals throughout the day so please don't use an inability to get out of bed early as an excuse!

It's a fun and enjoyably social day so if you are available let him know at [Those who have offered already and are on Gordon's list will have received an email in the last few days.]

The Marshals Walk will be on Saturday 29th September and details will be on the website when they are finalised. If you are new to challenge walks this, combined with helping at the event, is an excellent introduction.




Jacks Lake Colin book Easter eggs in grass

Jack's Lake
Last week's Newsletter included news of 'The Pymm's Brook Trail', by London Group member Colin Saunders. Here's what you'll find at the north end of this green and interesting 13-mile route



Zoolander by Gavin in grass

Nothing to see here, just an elephant. One of Gavin's photos from Peter's Zoolander walk. You can find the rest of them on our Facebook - well worth a look, as always.



London to Brighton Part 3

Sat 8th Sep 2018


Event Details:

Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Balcombe (London Bridge 08.34) Linear walk from Balcombe to Hassocks. Lunch in Wivelsfield (pub/picnic/shop)
General Notes
Buy returns to Hassocks, 20 miles through the Weald and to edge of south downs
Jerome Ripp Tel: 07470 196890
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