LDWA London Walks Secretary

LDWA London Walks Secretary
LDWA London Walks Secretary

Dear LDWA London Primary and Associate members


As you know, our current Walks Secretary and Weekly Update Editor, Adam Dawson, will be stepping down at next year’s AGM, after almost four years in the role.

I'm delighted to announce the excellent news that Julie Welch has agreed to take on the role of Weekly Update Editor from Adam when he steps down.

However, unfortunately, we do not yet have a new Walks Secretary lined up to take over the other "half" of Adam's role when he leaves.

Adam will complete the summer 2018 walks programme, so we will have a full set of walks until the end of August next year, but will not be able to continue beyond that.  He is just about to start work on the summer walks programme now, and this will take until mid-January 2018 to complete.


So, as things stand, unless we have a new Walks Secretary ready to take over from Adam and to work on the Autumn 2018 programme (i.e. from 1 Sep – 31 Dec 2018) and beyond, the London social walks programme will cease at the end of August next year.

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen, so I am sending this email as an urgent request for anyone who would like to volunteer to take over this role to let me know as soon as possible.


The job has been considerably simplified as a result of Julie volunteering to take on the Weekly Update Editor role.   And as well as offering a great way to get to know the club better, the role gives whoever holds it the chance, as a member of the London Committee, to help shape the future development of our club.

Anyone volunteering now will have the opportunity to work alongside Adam as he builds the summer 2018 walks programme over the next few weeks, and then will be “flying solo” from around March 2018, when the search for Autumn leaders will begin.


If you would be interested in volunteering for, or learning more about, this role, please contact me by replying to this email.

Alternatively you can get touch with Adam direct at ldwadawson@gmail.com


I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and happy hiking!



Peter Aylmer

Chair, LDWA London

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