Club Clothing

Club Clothing
Club Clothing

Club clothing for LDWA London members, with the club badge on it, is now available for purchase. The clothing will help promote the club and make us more identifiable on social walks and at other events.  

Clothing can be ordered by club members directly from the supplier Peco. Items can be viewed in the Peco Catalogue

Please make sure the following details are included with your order, which can be emailed to:

 Colour : ROYAL BLUE

Logo reference number : SD 4801

Clothing code and size (size info is in the catalogue)

Our recommended options are 

T-Shirt in wicking material

             Women ( shaped) JC005 - £ 7.75+vat each

             Men JC001 -  £ 7.75+vat each

 Polo Shirt in wicking material

             Women ( shaped) JC045 - £ 9.25+vat each

             Men JC040 - £ 9.25+vat each

 Fleece ( Fruit of the Loom)

             Women ( shaped) SS557 - £19.85+VAT each

             Men SS528 - £ 19.85+vat each

Individual postage is £3.99+vat.  The turnaround time for an order is 7-10 full working days excluding weekends and bank holidays.

BULK deliveries to one address costs £ 7.50+vat. This might be viable option if you want to organise combining your order with some other members.

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