Don Bolton

Don Bolton
Don Bolton

Dear London Group members      

As many of you will know, Don Bolton is a very long-standing member of the LDWA who has been heavily involved in the London Group for many years, contributing in several roles. He had a stroke just before Christmas, finally leaving hospital at the end of April, and is now in a nursing home near Guildford (details below). Maybe some members would like to visit him. He’s recovering his speech and movement, but it’s slow progress and he still needs a lot of nursing care. But he’s lively, alert, recognises old friends and understands all. Though he can only say the occasional understandable word, he appears content with his lot and the nursing staff at the hospital and home have both commented that he doesn’t complain and is always smiling.

Don is at  Springfield Manor Nursing Home (room 22), Hogs Back (A31), Puttenham, Guildford GU3 1AQ: Tel: 01483 810177.

According to his daughter, the home can pick up and take visitors to Guildford station if you call beforehand to make the arrangements. Visiting times are anytime during the day, but make allowance for Don’s mealtimes at around noon and 5pm. You’re made to feel welcome, and will usually be offered a tea or coffee, but any food and drink offered to Don needs to be prepared/checked by staff to ensure it’s compatible with his care plan. Extra chairs can be found if a group is staying with Don in his room. And don’t forget to sign the visitors’ book for safety reasons!

Many thanks to Steve Garnsey for letting us know about Don’s progress.

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