1. South-East Ho! with London LDWA! (Greenwich to Croydon Sat 25 Feb)

1. South-East Ho! with London LDWA! (Greenwich to Croydon Sat 25 Feb)
1. South-East Ho! with London LDWA! (Greenwich to Croydon Sat 25 Feb)

Hello everyone!

So another week begins, and the walking opportunities are blossoming like spring flowers.   Gosh that was a bit poetic, wasn't it?

But before I get too carried away, first of all here is another of those Important Announcements:

Capital Challenge Hike - Marshals

Well - Saturday April 1 will be upon us before we know it and in addition to the usual lightearted tomfoolery something altogether more serious will be afoot on 1 April this year.

Yes - it's London LDWA's inaugural Capital Challenge hike!   This fantastic new hike is fully subscribed now but if you like the sound of it anyway, all is not lost.  

We are on the look out for marshals to help on the day, and there is a variety of interesting jobs on offer along the length of this fascinating journey through London, AND you won't need to commit yourself for the full day - many of the roles will only need you for an hour or two.  

Furthermore, bona fide Marshals have the opportunity to walk the route on a Marshals' hike in advance of the main event.   You never know they might even get a certificate...

If you would like to help us (and all offers are gratefully received), please email Gordon at: capitalchallenge@ldwa.org.uk 

The Marshals' Hike will be on Saturday 4 March, and full details can be found here:
CLICK HERE to access details of the Capital Challenge Marshals' Hike on 4 March
(But please note - only come along for this walk if you have agreed in advance that you will marshal on the event itself)


Now - down to business.

This week we have a very interesting walk coming up - visiting, among other things, one of London's "lost" rivers - the Ravensbourne (If you want to learn more about this fascinating waterway, there's an excellent website which you can access by clicking here).

Peter will be leading this walk on Saturday and if you'd like to join, he will be setting out from Greenwich Cutty Sark DLR at 09.00 on Saturday.   Don't miss it, as it promises to be an especially interesting walk, taking in sights and locations that most Londoners don't know even exist.

Here's a small selection of photos of the Ravensbourne environs from the website identified above:

River Ravensbourne

Along the course of the Ravensbourne river - one of the destinations for Saturday's walk
Taken from the rather excellent website: http://www.londonslostrivers.com/river-ravensbourne.html 


And on that note, I'll sign off.   Have a great week, and happy exploring!



Greenwich to East Croydon (Linear)

Sat 25th Feb 2017


Event Details:

Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Meet Greenwich Cutty Sark DLR (08:41 Heron Quays); finish E Croydon station A walk along the Ravensbourne and other waterways
General Notes
Lunch probably at The Joiners Arms, South Norwood
Peter Buchwald Telephone number 07983 577101
View on StreetMap
View on StreetMap


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