A monopoly on new year excitement with London LDWA! (Hangover buster Sun 1 Jan 2017)

A monopoly on new year excitement with London LDWA! (Hangover buster Sun 1 Jan 2017)
A monopoly on new year excitement with London LDWA! (Hangover buster Sun 1 Jan 2017)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the last weekly update of 2016.   Well it's certainly been a bit of a roller coaster of a year, so whether you are happy or sad to see the end of it, LDWA London can offer you plenty to look forward to in 2017.

But before we get too carried away with the prospect of next year's full and interesting walks programme,
don't forget to submit your last minute entries to the 2016 LDWA London photo competition.  
The competition closes on Saturday, then voting will start.   You can enter just by replying to this email with your photos as an attachment.   You can see the entries to date, and the full "rules and regulations" by clicking here


So, what's our first offering for 2017?   Well, to make sure that we start our journey into 2017 on the right foot, on Sunday (yes - New Year's Day), Susanne is leading a walk with a bit of a novel twist.

You've probably all spent at least six happy hours this Christmas shuffling boots, hats and battleships round a pale green board in a bid to price your relatives out of Mayfair, but have you ever paused to wonder where exactly the places you visit as you circumnavigate the board actually are?   Well if you have, then Susanne's "Hangover busting" walk will allow you to visit for real some of the London streets and landmarks that decorate the Monopoly Board, helping you to speak with authority about Vine Street, Marylebone Station, and possibly even the Electricity Works.   Though whether or not you will also be paying a visit to Jail remains uncertain at this stage.

So, if you fancy a really unusual but interesting start to the year (and one with a slightly competitive twist, too..), just make your way to Marylebone Station for 11.00 on Sunday, but don't forget to bring some sandwiches, as it's not exactly clear what will be open on New Year's Day morning.


So where is Vine Street??

Vine Street and more!
- find out exactly where it is next weekend!


Now, if you fancy a quick break from the endlessly fascinating but ultimately intractable challenge of trying to make your new electrical gizmos connect to the wifi network, why not check out LDWA London's new programme and start planning your walking calendar for 2017?   We've got a pretty full agenda, with walks already scheduled almost all the way through to October already.   And if one of your new year's resolutions is going to be to sign up for #walk1000miles or something similar, what better place to start your personal challenge?  (Note though that there are still a few empty slots in the programme so don't feel shy about volunteering to lead!).   You can check out what's coming up by clicking here.

So - I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday break and aren't too fed up with mince pies, turkey curry and Slade.  
Farewell 2016, and thanks for everything

All the best




2017 Hangover Buster - Monopoly Walk ('Vine St Revisited')

Sun 1st Jan 2017


Event Details:

Event Details Updated
Updated 11/12/16 with lunch details and competition
Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Start Marylebone Mainline Station; finish King’s X Mainline Station Leisurely "hangover buster" walk taking in the sights of the Monopoly Board.   So if you ever had a lifelong ambition to explore the wonders of Vine Street, now is your chance
General Notes
This will be a gentle introduction to the walking New Year. Note late start and shorter distance.  Lunch: Bring or buy a sandwich.    To keep everyone on their toes there will be a competition.  Anyone not abiding by the rules will be sent straight to jail! Although a mainly urban walk we will use parks, back-streets (including of course Vine Street) and waterways.  There should also be plenty of Christmas lights. MUD FREE GUARANTEE!!! Assistance dogs only please.
Susanne Waldschmidt Telephone number 020 7272 1446
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