Founders' Challenge Hike, Saturday 8th October 2016

Founders' Challenge Hike, Saturday 8th October 2016
Founders' Challenge Hike, Saturday 8th October 2016

Hello everyone!

Coming up this Autumn, LDWA London will be organising the 20th “Founders” challenge hike.

The purpose of this email is to alert you to this fabulous up-coming date for your diary and specifically to invite you to:


1)    Enter the challenge event as a participant

2)    Help us to publicise the event

3)    Consider helping out on the day, as an alternative to participating


The contact for everything is Gordon Parker and also the website (click here)


Read on…


Founders refreshments

The essence of challenge walking - tea and biscuits!


1.    Entering the event as a participant

Entries for the London Group's autumn challenge walk on Saturday 8th October are now open. There are 27 mile and 16 mile routes, almost entirely off-road, in a mix of glorious forest and open downland with fine views. As this will be the 20th occasion that the event has taken place, it’s a bit special, so do consider coming along. Full details are on the website (click here).

Getting to the start at Peaslake is not hard: and to make things even easier we can help to arrange lifts from home or from Guildford or Dorking stations.

Everyone who comes enjoys it enormously so whether you are an old hand or new to challenge events, come and give it a go!

To enter on line, click this link


2.    Publicising the event

If during the next few months you are going to another challenge event can you help us publicise the Founders' Challenge?

Please take along copies of the flyer which you can download from the link below, and hand them to the other participants.   Tell people that this is a walk in countryside that inspired the founders of the LDWA and goes to places named after them.

If you cannot print copies yourself, get in touch & we can send you some.

Click here to download the flyer


3.    Helping out at the event as a Marshal 

Being a Marshal is a fun way of helping other walkers. There is a range of roles – providing refreshments, registering & tracking participants, boosting morale! You may be indoors at the HQ in Peaslake or outside at a CheckPoint.

Further, as we enter the world of electronic tracking we need some people with basic IT skills (knowledge of Excel and the confidence to deal with sometimes erratic network connections)

No experience is necessary for the other Marshalling tasks: we'll make sure there's someone who has done it before alongside you.

It can be a long day or a short day, depending on your availability, but is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Contact Gordon Parker at to find out more.


And here's a special offer: if you’d like to do the walk as a group walk with conversation instead of navigation, then on 17th September there will be walks (with leader) for our Marshals on both the 16 mile and the 27 mile routes. Keep an eye out for announcements in the weekly walks email and on the page (click here) where full details of the start points and times will be posted.



Contact Gordon Parker at


Visit the website  at 

to find out more.




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