A bit of Baroque with London LDWA this week!

A bit of Baroque with London LDWA this week!
A bit of Baroque with London LDWA this week!

Hello everyone

Welcome to Monday and to a whole week of work stretching out in front of you.

But in case that doesn't sufficiently galvanise you, we have another mind expandingly educational outing on offer next Sunday.  

Yes, in a bid to help London LDWA become the walking equivalent of Radio 4, Susanne is going to be leading an exploration of some of Nicholas Hawksmoor's most well known architectural installations, setting off from Trafalgar Square on Sunday morning, and heading off east from there.

Another big attraction of Susanne's walk is of course that, as it is city-based, there may even be a bit less mud (and fewer stiles) to negotiate than on some of our recent countryside outings.

So if you'd like to join in, be in Trafalgar Square at 9 am on Sunday morning.   Susanne will be waiting for you at precisely TQ 30002 80485 (see map)

to be visited en route

Meeting point for Suzanne's walk is shown by the arrow.


to be visited en route

You may pass by this spot on Sunday's walk.  But to find out where it is, you'll have to be there..


Before I sign off, please don't forget the photo competition! You can find all the details by clicking here.

So that's it for today.   The details of this week's walk are, as ever, at the bottom of this note

Have a great week!



Hawksmoor Churches Discovery Walk

Sun 17th Jan 2016


Event Details:

Event Details Updated
Updated 17/12/15 with details of lunch arrangements
Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Meet Trafalgar Square (exact GR of meet is TQ 30002 80485) Very varied walk starting with the sights of Central London and moving E using canals and the river.  Visiting lots of Docks and Hawksmoor’s churches and if we’re lucky the odd Llama or two.
NB this walk will bear no resemblance to Julie’s walk next weekend in spite of similar Start/Finish locations
General Notes
Moderate pace. Lunch Bring or buy sandwiches en-route.  Cafe stop for hot drinks.  Registered Assistance Dogs only
Susanne Waldschmidt Telephone number 020 7272 1446
Start and Finish
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