Another LDWA London competition - of sorts..

Another LDWA London competition - of sorts..
Another LDWA London competition - of sorts..

Hello everyone

Only 18 walking days left until Christmas. I can hardly believe it. And hopefully we're going to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet on the weather front, too, as Desmond runs out of steam and while Eva is still getting organised somewhere in the North Atlantic. Where on earth did these names come from, by the way?

Well there is lots going on in LDWA London, as usual, to brighten the Decembral murk.


First of all, a quick request
I've had a fantastic response to my request for leaders for the summer 2016 season, to the point where there is just one gap left in the programme. It's an evening walk on Wednesday 31 August (or the Tue or Thu either side). So if you would like to lead an after-work walk for us on that evening, please just let me know by replying to this email.


Our experiment in democracy 
Many thanks to all of you who voted in Dick's "Where do you want to be on 25 June" referendum.
The results were:

A - Bullocks and Forts - 30%
B - Crossrail Spoilheaps - 25%
C - Essex Farmlands - 45%

So it looks as if Essex has it, though Dick still needs to check some of the route details so reserves the right to chose a different option depending on actual circumstances.   Watch out for the final decision in the next edition of "Strider"!


A history lesson..
Putting the parish notices to one side, avid watchers of the LDWA London website may have noticed that we've added a new section, with a short history of our Group.

Rob, Colin and Douglas have trawled their collective memory banks and written a review of the past, which you can read by clicking here 

As a bit of a trailer, you'll spot that the website includes a photo from one of our early walks. I've removed the caption which includes some of the names, so that you can delve into your own recollections of that era, and see how many people on the photo you can recognise.

In a massively important development, I'll buy whoever can come up with the most names, a drink of their choice at the Xmas dinner on 17 Dec.

So you have an incentive both to come up with names, and to come to the dinner.   By the way, neither Rob, Colin or Douglas know who they all are, so there may not actually be any "right" answer.

The photo is reproduced below. Good luck! 

Somewhere in the 1990s..

Painfully young...
but how many can you name?


This week's walk
Moving from the past to the future, this Saturday, Peter is leading a walk in the Dollis Valley area. If you'd like to go, meet at 09.00 at Gospel Oak overground station (note due to dark evenings, you might want to bring a head torch with you).

He's provided a bit more information about the walk, here:

Saturday's walk, which starts at Gospel Oak overground station (zone 2), will take us around Hampstead Heath and along the full length of the Dollis Valley Greenwalk. This follows the Brent tributary of the Dollis Brook (nothing to do with Dollis Hill) to its source beyond Barnet.

From the end of the Greenwalk in Moat Mount Open Space, beside the A1, the London Loop takes us through Scratchwood, once unfairly forced to lend its name to a motorway service station. If the light is really bad, the Loop can takes us on to Elstree & Borehamwood station (zone 6) alongside roads with street lamps; but if we've made good time (or we all have torches), there's an unmapped way through Borehamwood's 'village green' which is a much better alternative.

Be warned: there may be wet fields on the second half. Many alternatives in Whetstone for lunch.



so good they named a motorway service area after it


All the details of Saturday's walk are, as ever, attached to the end of this note.

Hope you all have a great week




Dollis Valley and more (linear)

Sat 12th Dec 2015


Event Details:

Event Details Updated
Note - to get to Gospel Oak there is an additional transport route - you can also change at Blackhorse Road, which may make access to the start a little easier
Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Gospel Oak overground (by tube, change West Hampstead, Stratford or Barking).  Finish Elstree & Borehamwood station A near-circuit of Hampstead Heath and its extension, then the full length of the Dollis Valley Greenwalk to Barnet before a London Loop finish to Elstree & Borehamwood station
General Notes
Lunch stop in Whetstone, choice of cafes or pub. Registered assistance dogs only
Peter Aylmer Telephone number 07884 235784
View on StreetMap
View on StreetMap



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