London support for future 100s

London support for future 100s
London support for future 100s

Hello All

This email is to bring you all up to date on what we in London are proposing to do to help with the running of the next 3 hundreds. As you will probably know, running the annual 100 mile walk involves a lot of work and can only happen if the organising group gets help from other groups across the country. London was not needed to help with this year's walk in Lancashire but we have been asked to help with the next three and your committee has agreed.

In 2016 in Dorset, we will help Dorset Group run the HQ which is near Weymouth. Susanne Waldschmidt has agreed to coordinate London's contribution and she will be looking for volunteers early in the new year. The aim will be to make a weekend of it. Watch this space!

In 2017 In North Yorkshire, we will help with the "breakfast stop" which I assume will be about half way round the route. We will not be doing the actual cooking, which will be done by East Lancs, but rather the check-in duties and baggage handling. This will be at Fyling Hall School near Robins Hood Bay.

In 2018 in Kent, we will run check point 2. Sorry but don't know the actual location yet but it will be early in the route and hence busy for a few hours but then all over by Saturday evening.

So, if you are not thinking of actually entering any of these and fancy a day or weekend away in some lovely part of the country, then think about coming along to support the event. Everyone who has ever done it says that it is fun! They will all be held on the bank holiday weekend at the end of May.

Will keep you posted if anything changes.

Douglas Robinson


London LDWA -