Autumnal adventures with London LDWA!

Autumnal adventures with London LDWA!
Autumnal adventures with London LDWA!

Hello everyone

In the whirlwind world that is London LDWA, there is lots going on and plenty of things for you to think about this week.   So if you're teetering excitedly on the edges of your seats, read on!


The website

We've given the LDWA London website ( a bit of a refresh - though it's still slightly work-in-progress at the moment.   If you get a minute, do take a look and, if you feel so inclined, let us know what you think by replying to this email.

To keep the website up to date and looking good requres a bit of effort and creativity - and you'll have seen from Douglas' note about the AGM that we are looking for a new webmaster at the moment.   So if you think you would be interested in getting more involved, why not consider nominating yourself for the webmaster role at the next AGM?   There are more details about the AGM below, and you can find out more about the webmaster role by replying to this email.


Dates for your diary

Two Important Announcements have been made this week.

The first concerns the 2015-16 AGM.   This time, the meeting will be held on the evening of Thursday 18 February, 2016.   The venue is still being decided, but will be a pub in central London.

You can read the latest details by clicking on this link

And second - even more importantly, the date and venue of the 2015 Christmas Dinner have been announced,   This year it will be at the Knight's Templar pub (which remarkably is a Wetherspoons in central London), on Thursday 17 December 2015.

You can read the latest details by clicking on this link


;Festive fun

Getting into the Christmas spirit (and it's only November!



This week's walk

And now - at last - what your actually wanted to know about.   This week's walk!

On Saturday, Jerome is leading a really interesting-sounding walk from Oxford.   This is I think a new destination for us - at least we haven't ventured out that far West for a year or two, as far as I can tell, so it should make for a great day out.

If you'd like to join this high brow, Abigail-defying, hike, make your way to Oxford station for 09.19 to meet the group there, and get ready for a mind-expanding day out!


Before I close..

Just a reminder that we are always seeking more walk leaders.   The response to my request last week for leaders for the summer 2016 season has been good, but I could always do with more!   If you'd like to help out in the vital role of walk leader, please get in touch with me by replying to this email.


As usual, all the details of this week's walk are reproduced below:

All the best for now!




Oxford Semi-Circus

Sat 14th Nov 2015


Event Details:

Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Meet Oxford stn (take the 08.19 from Paddington  - WHICH NOW SEEMS TO BE RE-TIMED TO 08.21)
Circular from Oxford stn meeting the Thames, Shakespeare and alma mater
General Notes
Dogs by invitation only
Jerome Ripp Telephone number in Strider
Start and Finish
View on StreetMap




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