(Re-sending) Short and long term planning with London LDWA!

(Re-sending) Short and long term planning with London LDWA!
(Re-sending) Short and long term planning with London LDWA!

Hello everyone

Apologies if you receive this twice.   For some reason my original email wasn't distributed properly this lunchtime


Summer 2016 walks programme.

I know it always seems hard to believe, but I'm starting to think about the Summer 2016 (i.e. 1 May to 31 August) walks programme already.   I know there are always mixed views about whether it's helpful to start thinking so far ahead, but we are rather tied to the cycle of "Strider" publication deadlines, which forces early planning.

Anyway the key message is if you would be interested in leading a walk next Summer, please could you contact me by replying to this email.

If you haven't led before and would like to, I can give you full information as to what's needed.   I'm looking to fill both weekend and midweek slots, and there are lots left, so if you have a particular date in mind, please do let me know.   You can check out which dates are free by clicking this link

Just drop me a note by replying to this email if you'd be interested in learning more or in volunteering.   The success of our Group depends on people like you!

By the way - if you have specific places you'd like our walks programme to visit - especially places we haven't been to before, then (provided they are at most 90 minutes by rail from central London) please let me know.   We're always on the lookout for interesting new destinations.


Staying in 2016 for a moment, I bring you exciting news of a proposed weekend away..

An LDWA Weekend Away in 2016.

One of our longest-standing leaders, Lonica Vanclay, is organising an LDWA London "weekend away" to Derbyshire, from 9 - 12 September 2016.   Our weekends away have been very popular in the past, so if you'd like to go, please could you let Lonica know soon (by email at Lonica.Vanclay@outlook.com) so she can start getting accommodation sorted out.

Thare is more information on our website, which you can access by clicking here and a factsheet which you can download by clicking on this link: LDWA_London_Derbyshire_weekend_2016.docx

To get an idea of the fun of an LDWA London weekend away, check out the group photo below, taken on this year's trip to the Lake District:

Lake District weekend away

Enjoying an LDWA London weekend away!


Turning to the more immediate future, this week LDWA London has a great walk on offer, to help us make the best of this "Indian Autumn" (is there such a thing?) weather we're enjoying at the moment. 

This week's walk.

Coming up this Saturday, Peter is leading a linear walk from West Ruislip to Elstree and Borehamwood via Harrow.   If you'd like to visit that part of Metroland made famous by Star Wars, Indiana Jones and East Enders, just be at West Ruislip station at 09.07 on Saturday morning (NB this is slightly later than billed in "Strider" as a result of Chiltern Rail timetable changes).


And if you're keen on long distance hikes, I can thoroughly recommend the Dales Way.  I completed it last week and really enjoyed it.   The LDWA's excellent database has more information about this and all the UK's long distance paths.   All members have free access to this database, and it's an excellent resource which you might want to check out. You can access it at: https://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/search_by_path.php


That's all for now - have a great week!




West Ruislip to Elstree and Borehamwood

Sat 7th Nov 2015


Event Details:

Event Details Updated
Please note - Chiltern rail train times to West Ruislip from Marylebone are slightly later than advertised in "Strider".   Alternatively take Central Line tube.   Walk will depart from W Ruislip station when the train from Marylebone arrives at 09.07
Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Meet West Ruislip station (Marylebone 08.46) ** NB Chiltern Rail train slightly later than adverrtised in "Strider" ** OR take LU Central line 17 stops / 40 mins from central London ** A linear walk West Ruislip to Elstree and Borehamwood, lunch at Harrow Weald
General Notes
Buy a ticket to zone 6
Peter Buchwald Telephone number 07983 577101
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