LDWA London's Big Week!

LDWA London's Big Week!
LDWA London's Big Week!

Hello everyone

Well, after all these months of preparation, LDWA London's 19th Founders' Challenge hike is finally upon us.   We hit the Surrey Hills this Saturday (3 October).

And of course if this isn't your cup of tea, we're offiering an absolutely excellent shorter alternative on Thursday evening as well (and I can safely say that because I'm leading it...).

And if if you're a bit bleary eyed today, that's probably because you were up all night watching the supermoon eclipse.   And in the off chance that you weren't this is how it looked from my back garden at 3:30am..


Once in a (red) moon

Last night's supermoon eclipse.   Don't worry iif you missed it.   The next one's in 2033

Read on:


So first up, on Thursday this week (note not the usual Wednesday), Adam (i.e. me) will be leading a 6.2 mile woodland walk from Ruislip Manor.   Something a bit different because we will be visiting what is probably the only "real" beach within 10 minutes walk of the Piccadilly line - you can enjoy a preview in the photo below.   So pack your swimsuit and be at Ruislip Manor tube at 6pm on Thursday (though note that it will be dark for the second half of the walk, so you may want to bring a torch).   Obligatory Wetherspoons at the end!


Ruislip 'beach'

Life's a beach

Then on Saturday, it's the big day itself.  Here are the key points..

  • If you're already registered for the Founders' challenge, you'll know all the details already.   But if you're not, fear not - you can still 'turn up and go' on the day.   Just be at Peaslake Memorial Hall from 7:30 am onwards ready for a 9 am-ish start.   The details are on our website which you can access by clicking here.   The key points are all also reproduced at the bottom of this email.
  • There are 16 and 27 mile routes on offer, and runners are welcome on the 27 mile route.   Both the routes had a final recce last Saturday and you can read reports from those trial walks on our website by clicking here.
  • Note that the route descriptions on our website were updated slightly (to clarify some of the details) following the recce so please do visit the website to make sure you've got the latest version. 
  • Although we're well supplied with volunteers, we could still do with a couple more.   If you'd be interested in helping out, please contact the event organiser, Gordon Parker, at founderschallenge@ldwa.org.uk or by phone at: 07891 196930
  • The photo below shows some of the glorious views the hike enjoys (taken on Saturday's recce) - and it's guaranteed to be sunny!


Tales of toposcopic oceans


By the way - don't forget about the photo competiotion, launched last week.  You can get the details by clicking here!

Well that's all for now.   The details of all this week's activities are below.

See some of you on Thursday and, hopefully, a whole lot more of you on Saturday!




To the Manor born -Thursday walk

Thu 1st Oct 2015


Event Details:

Event Details Updated
If you're coming on this walk, please note four things!
1) Allow about 1 hour to get to Ruislip Manor from central London on the Piccadilly line (maybe a bit less from Baker St on Met line)
2) The path is very easy but a bit slippy / muddy in parts.   You might want to walk in walking shoes or lightweight boots that you don't mind getting a bit dirty
3) The last half of the walk will be in darkness.   A torch would be helpful.
4) We should be finished about 20:30 if we walk briskly and start promptly.   There is a Wetherspoons (JJ Moon) directly opposite Ruislip Manor station at the end.  Does decent food quickly and cheaply, but can be a bit noisy and busy
Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Meet Ruislip Manor underground stn (frequent trains on met line or Piccadilly line) A circular walk N from Ruislip Manor stn, visiting the Lido and Ruislip Woods Nature Reserve. Wetherspoons at end for refreshment
General Notes
Best to bring a torch
Adam Dawson Telephone number 07767 321960
Start and Finish
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19th Founders' Challenge 

Reproduced from the website (https://www.ldwa.org.uk/London/W/3637/2015.htmlT) which is the portal from where you can find out everything you need to know about the 2015 Founders' challenge


In October each year LDWA London organises a challenge event based at Peaslake in Surrey with a 26 mile route (1,100m ascent) and a shorter route of approx. 16-17 miles with 640m ascent

This page is the jumping-off point from where you can find out about the Founders' Challenge and manage your entry.   There are a number of sub-sections which address the most important aspects of the event.

This year, the Founder's Challenge is being organised by Gordon Parker.   You can contact him at: 


or by phone at:

07891 196930

Find out more

Just click the the appropriate links below to find out about:

  1. Background to the Founders' challenge
  2. Details of the 2015 course routes with downloadable GPX files and overview maps and how to get to the start
  3. Entry fees, in advance, on-the-day, for members and non-members; and what you get in return
  4. How to sign up, and a link to the "SI Entries" system
  5. How to volunteer to help
  6. Contacting us for more information
  7. Results and report - to be published shortly after the event


London LDWA - http://www.ldwa.org.uk/London