Duck Quacks Don't Echo filming on Tuesday 2 June

Duck Quacks Don't Echo filming on Tuesday 2 June
Duck Quacks Don't Echo filming on Tuesday 2 June

Hello London Members

We have had an unusual request which is copied below. This is nothing to do with the LDWA but, as far as we can tell, it is a real organisation making films.

As you can see they are looking for people to push a pencil for 35 miles to see if it will last that long. Just the job for an LDWA member? It could be fun.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Patrick Lynch directly but do bear in mind that this will be at your own risk and it might be worth satisfying yourself about the nature of the organisation and what is being proposed.

Douglas Robinson



Patrick Lynch <>

3:00 PM (22 hours ago)
to london

Good afternoon, hope all is well.

My name’s Patrick and I work for a company called Magnum Media and we are currently making a returning series for Sky One called 'Duck Quacks Don't Echo' which is presented by the Comedian Lee Mack.


The show is all about proving certain bizarre facts that we have found. One that we wish to prove is the notion that you can draw a 35 mile line with just one pencil.


To test this we are going to attach pencils to a push along device (like a small lawnmower) and we will move this to see how long it can make a pencil line for.


The reason for my contact is to see whether this is something anyone in your walking group may be interested in taking part?


As the experiment is about walking we thought it would be wise to contact yourselves about this.


We would wish to actually walk the full distance of this theory and film five separate instances of our walker pushing the device, so it would be a full day of walking planned. Our walker would be well looked after, have a companion to walk with, be fed and watered and of course paid.


The proposed filming date is Tuesday 2nd June in the London area and it would be for the full day.


If anyone from your group did wish to speak further then please do let me know the best number to call and I'll do so. The best contact for me


Anyway it would be great to hear your thoughts and thanks for your time.


All the best,

London LDWA -