London Group AGM 2024 Agenda

London Group AGM 2024 Agenda

London LDWA


18:00 for 18:30 Wednesday 21st February 2024 at The Meeting Room, Crown Court Church, Russell St, London WC2B 5EZ (Please register with the Secretary if you wish to attend


  1. Special Business (requires 75% vote of approval)

    Consideration of Proposed Updated London Group Constitution (see Draft_London_LDWA_Constitution_Feb_24.pdf).  The NEC has proposed a new model constitution for local groups.  Your committee has carefully considered this. We have transposed the NEC’s amendments into our original London Group Constitution and the resulting changes are shown in red. Your committee considers these changes helpful and recommends them to the membership.

  2. Ordinary Business
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising from 2023 AGM (see Final_Draft_Minutes_of_LDWA_London_Group_AGM_2023.pdf)
  2. Treasurer’s report and accounts (see LDWA_London_Group_Accounts_2023.pdf)
  3. Secretary’s report (see Secretarys_AGM_Report_2024.pdf )
  4. Walk Secretary’s report (see Walk_Secretarys_AGM_report_2024.pdf)
  5. Capital Challenge report (see Capital_Challenge_2023_Report_for_AGM_2024.pdf
  6. Founders’ Challenge report (see Founders_Challenge_2023_Report_for_AGM_2024.pdf)
  7. Webmaster’s Report (see Webmasters_AGM_Report_2024.pdf)
  8. Committee appointments:
Post Nomination Proposer Seconder
Chair Gavin Fuller Jim Robinson Deborah Evans
Treasurer Jim Robinson Marie Heracleous  Minna Graeber
Secretary Lonica Vanclay & Gordon Parker Minna Graeber Gavin Fuller
Walks Secretary Keith Mills Gavin Fuller Jim Robinson
Web-master Deborah Evans Minna Graeber  Marie Heracleous
Newsletter editor      
Social Secretary      
Capital Challenge Organiser Marie Heracleous Jean O'Reilly Gavin Fuller 
Founders' Challenge Organiser      
Liaison Officer with other like-minded organisations  Steve Radley Shahnaz Qizilbash Jean O'Reilly


  9.  Appointment of Ron Williamson as independent auditor of the Association's
   10. Motions submitted by members.
   11. AOB
         a) Speyside 100 2024. Norfolk and Suffolk 100 2025. Colin Saunders to
             speak regarding recruiting a support team from London Group for the
             2024 event.

         b) 30th anniversary of first walk in 1994



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