Caption competition winner!

Caption competition winner!
Caption competition winner!

Well I imagine your'e all on the edges of your seats biting your nails in keen anticipation...


Well wait no longer!   The results of last week's caption compeition are in!

As a reminder, I've reproduced the picture, and some of the best entries, below: 

 AP 22 Feb 15

The annual 100 mile walk

The route description says large gate just over the top of the rise - surely someone can see it?!

"So when does the leader get here then? "

"Off to the beach girls! "

"Now, which haystack did you say the needle was in?"

"Looks like a good turn-out today. Anyone seen the leader!!!"

The Tremeloes' 1967 No. 1 hit Silence is Golden - specifically the first line of Verse 2: "Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep," Changing Talking to Walking, of course . . .

"Don’t look behind you, but are they ramblers or real LDWA? "

"Ar*e and Grass" [this only works if you're not from Yorkshire]

"What're we queuing for?"

"Move down the bus!"

Good to see the old familiar faces

"ABOUT...... B*ms!"

"I think it was greener on the side we've come from"

"We just followed him like sheep! Why?"

Wildebeest!!!  [anyone who came on the Whipsnade hike will know this is entirely possible]

"Don't look round ladies, it's only that London Group!"

"Look, ewe's behind you!"

Baaaaahking at the ramblers

Pulling the wool over their eyes here


Anyway, after a lengthy period of adjudication, I have concluded that there can only be on true winner, and accordingly I've selected

"Don’t look behind you, but are they ramblers or real LDWA?",

which was submitted by

Peter Russell.

So well done to Peter, your electronic ViewRanger gift vouchers are about to wing their way through the ether to you!


Thanks to everyone who enetred - i really enjoyed receiving your entries and I hope you've all enjoyed reading them.   A great way to brighten up a Monday evening, anyway!



(PS the normal weekly update will follow in a few minutes)

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