AGM 2018

Lincolnshire LDWA AGM Minutes held on Sunday 15th April 2018 at Hagworthingham church community hall

Present: Terry Baines, David Oxley, Christine Rennie, Mike Cheesbrough, Adrian Brown, David Cross, Karen Shaw, Lorna Gregory, Paul Hunt, Nicolle Dieumegard Thornton, Elizabeth Wardle, Nigel Bowler, Tony Bark, Jack Goldie, Tony Hand, Lynda Cooper, Neville Smith, Nev Chamberlain, George Louka

  1. Apologies for absence: Julia Morris, Grahame Fry, Lesley and David Wolsey, Sue Heron, Mandy Roper, Tony Wade, Jackie Shimshon, Esther Johnson
  2. To confirm minutes of the 13th March 2016. Proposed Tony Hand, Seconded Dave Oxley.
  3. Matters arising: none not covered elsewhere in the meeting.
  4. Reports
  • Secretary: We have 133 primary members including a number of family memberships. This breaks down to approximately 50 in the north of the old county, 40 in the centre and 30 in the south. There are also 149 associate members. The National AGM went well at Forest Pines thanks to all local members who were involved. If anyone would like to represent us on the local groups weekend let me know.
  • Treasurer: We had started with a balance of £896.25 and ended with £1063.55. All transactions related to the Harvest Hobble. There is a separate treasurer’s report available.
  • Walks Secretary: Unfortunately, Grahame could not be with us but he submitted a written report the main points of which were 17 walks including 2 joint walks took place in the year and he outlined plans until the end of the year. In discussion Tony Bark offered to lead a walk in November and Terry Baines offered to explore possibilities for the Christmas walk to be based at Tealby. We discussed publicity and agreed that Lorna’s photos were good on facebook but some members do not use it. We then discussed future group activities. There was some support for an evening walk but it was thought that a beach walk would be impractical. Someone offered to explore starting at the Bardney heritage centre and getting a meal there but I have missed their name. Ten people said they were interested in a Lincoln City walk. 9 members were interested in a weekend away and 13 were interested in a day out to the peak district. Given the numbers a mini-bus may be impractical and we may need to car share. There was support for more joint walk both in and out of the county.    
  •   5. Election of officers, all returned unopposed. We did discuss the need for new committee members.
  • Chair: Dave Oxley proposed Lorna Gregory seconded Elizabeth Wardle.
  • Secretary: Nigel Bowler proposed Terry Baines seconded Lorna Gregory.
  • Walks Secretary: Grahame Fry proposed Nigel Bowler seconded Jack Goldie.
  • Treasurer: Dave Oxley proposed Tony hand seconded Chris Rennie

Terry Baines

prop Nigel Bowler

sec Dave Oxley

Lorna Gregory

prop Nigel Bowler

sec   Dave Oxley

Tony Bark

Prop Terry Baines

sec Jack Goldie

  • Ordinary members:  
  •      6. AOB. The Harvest Hobble is on the 1st September. The meeting supported the Air Ambulance as the main charity. The following volunteered for the roles listed which is encouraging.


Lorna Gregory (26)

Karen Shaw

Dave Oxley (13)


Dave Oxley


Checkpoint 2

Christine Rennie

Elizabeth Wardle

Esther Johnson



Checkpoint 3



Checkpoint 4

Tony and Barbara Bark


Village Hall

Nigel Bowler

Catering: Sue Bowler


Terry Baines

Sally Williamson

Nev Chamberlain also volunteered and we need to check with Tony Wade, Jackie Shimshon, Grahame Fry and Ian Pepperdine.

Chris said she would get “Dave Milne Way “ badges and certificates from Mike Surr and pass on to Dave Oxley for future use by group

A note of thanks was recorded for Chris organising use of the church and tea and cake.

The meeting closed shortly before 2pm.