Group 25th Anniversary celebrations


A celebration of 25 years of long distance walking in Lincolnshire


On a cool but fine morning 14 of us met at Covenham reservoir for a 20 mile walk under the guidance of our Chairman , Dave Oxley .

We made good time to the morning stop at Fotherby Common then proceeded to Yarborough , stopping in the church yard , by which time the sun was out and things had warmed up a bit .

Pressing on to Alvingham we then went through the church yard of not one but two churches built side by side , apparently one church for Alvingham folk the other for North Cockerington folk .

We then had for a few miles along Louth canal ,finishing up walking around part of the periphery of Covenhan reservoir.

At this point we were met by some ex members of the group who had come to join us at the end of the walk to celebrate 25 years of walking in Lincolnshire .

It was on March 20th 1990 when Ann Murphy led the inaugural walk which was 20 miles from Alford .Since then the group has put on hundreds of group walks and many challenge events , only recently resurrecting the Harvest Hobble challenge .

So we all congregated in the car park at the side of the reservoir , the bubbly was opened , Mike and Pauline Surr assisted by Ann Murphy were on hand to cut the cake ; then after the toast "to another 25 years of long distance walking in Lincolnshire"  we all enjoyed cake and a drink or two .

Thanks to Lorna for being on hand to take the photographs , a special thanks to Mandy for making a splendidly decorated Anniversary cake , lemon drizzle and cherry cake ; and to Dave for leading (with a little help from Tony ) a very enjoyable walk .

Terry Baines

Group Secretary