Christmas 2013 Group Walk


  18 intrepid walkers turned up at Wragby market place to participate in the group's Christmas bash . We were off at 8:30 prompt at a cracking pace going cross country to Langton .From here we switched to walking on quiet country roads and had quite a bit of road walking to do . Unfortunately , "quite a bit " became "quite a lot " thanks to the walk leader Terry Baines talking too much and not paying attention ; so we sailed on to Panton instead of turning to go to Hatton ; oh well , just another couple of miles or so , in fact few people noticed  such was their enthusiasm to get on to Minting where refreshments awaited . So we plodded on and arrived at Minting much in need of  the said refreshments , the girls had provided lovely mince pies and there was whiskey and sloe gin to wash them down with . The party was just getting going when , reluctantly , we had to be off to our next stop , the visitor's centre in Chamber's Farm Wood where we stopped for a quick lunch break . The disabled toilet was the only one open so inevitably it wasn't long before a queue developed as people were wanting to get rid of  unnecessary weight before proceeding down Hoop Lane and striking out on a path cross country on the next leg across to the Lime Woods near Goltho . We hadn't got very far before we were  stopped by a lady at a farm who informed us in no uncertain terms that the path had been closed and was no longer a public right of way . However , a little diplomatic negotiation and the fact that she was outnumbered 18 to 1 resulted in her giving way , so we were able to proceed .We had another quick stop to view the  sad and sorry remains of Goltho church ( it was struck by lightning in the summer ) before the last leg over the A158 and loop back to Wragby . 18 started , 18 finished and , hopefully , a good time was had by all ;  a nice way to prepare for the over indulgences of Christmas .