Beyond Blencathra May 2019

May brought continued nice weather and a chance to bag some hills in the Lake District equivalent of the 'Out Back'.  OK well, you won't find many kangaroos out here, and whilst it was warm you are not in danger of dying of heatstroke, but it is a corner of the Lake District which feels a bit remote from the central hussle and bustle, and the views give suitably unusual aspects of the well known fells.

After a speedy and tidy - er - six car shuffle - we turned the day into a linear walk and Tony guided us on a walk over Carrock Fell, Knott and Bowscale Fell, with short (or longer) detours over every Hump, Tump, Synge (pronounced sing apparently), Marylin, Birkett and goodness knows what else, on route. This gave a satisfying number of ticks on hill lists of 14 to the sadly afflicted amongst us, whilst everyone else had a thoroughly nice day out. It was a slightly grey start to the day but the clarity improved as the day went on, and the pub in Mungrisedale was the finishing touch.

Thanks to Tony for taking us to a corner we really ought to visit more often.  We were delighted to be joined by several Cumbria Group members, Li from Northumbria and also David Findel-Hawkins and Merriam Lancaster who are up in the area ready for the Hadrian's Hundred.  

On Carrock FellLi on Carrock


Nicky on Round Knott, a SyngeLeaving Little Lingy HutGrainsgill Beck near Caldew RiverClimbing up to Bowscale Fell after lunchBowscale Fell SummitView from the TongueCarrock Fell from Bowscale North East TopMungrisedale, I can see the pub from here