Pennine Way Alston to Bellingham July 2018

Our dry run on the Pennine Way amazingly continued with our trip from Alston to Bellingham looking like another scorcher.  Not just sunshine all the way from Edale but hot hot sunshine at that!  This was a walk of Roman Relics (the scenery not the people) and tranquil woodland followed by the open moors towards Bellingham.  A cracking weekend and a real sense of moving on after the zig zags of the previous stage.  Onwards and Northwards not long till the border.  

Gentle start from AlstonRailway Children

Beside the TyneWatering hole

On the WallBit of HistoryWhin SillSycamore GapRoman MarchingTop of the WallPlodding along in the heat (again)High SpotsCrag LoughCool ChapBellingham at last