Overwater and Aughertree June 2018

It's not often that it is due to hot weather that a walk is cut slightly short!  It was an absolute scorcher today and honestly, all we wanted to do was lie in the sun and snooze nicely.  But we flelt that a bit lazy, so we climbed Great Cockup, lay down in the grass and - snoozed nicely.  We summoned up the energy to climb a little higher, then we lay down in the grass and - snoozed.  (There is a theme developing here).  Eventually we got round to our main objective of the day which was a small Birkett called Aughertree, which has very pleasant views down to Overwater and the - tea shop.  We sat for a while on the hill, enjoying the sun, resisted the urge to snooze some more, and headed down to the tea shop where we were extremely naughty.

We are not always like this!!  Honestly.   zzzzzzzzzzzz


Climbing in the heatBinsey and Solway

Little Cockup - on our feet !Great Cockup - post snooze

Skiddaw sizzling in the heatMore resting

Not far from the borderLovely old roadsign

Snooze shusshEh what?

View from the cafe - bucolic