Loweswater Gold photos

We were keen to see what Tony had in store for us on this walk!  Was the focus going to be on the autumn colours, the wonderful countryside around Loweswater itself, or just the local beer of the same name?

Turned out to be all three.  The colours driving over from Whinlatter to the start of the walk, in the gentle autumn sunlight were superb and we enjoyed colourful Bracken and trees on the way around the route.  We climbed 4 Wainwrights (Melbreak, Starling Dodd, Great Bourne and Hen Coomb) but also ten Birketts in total on the walk, so this was a great day out for those of us hell bent on completing our hill lists.

The weather was kind to us all day and we were able to relax and eat our sandwiches on the summit of Starling Dodd; not bad for 11 October. The climb up beside Scale Force was very beautiful, with the waterfalls down on our right, as we bouldered our way up the hill.

And true to his promise, Tony did take us to sample the Loweswater Gold at the Kirkstyle Inn, where it is brewed on the premises.  A golden ale at 4.3% made with mainly lager malt and German hops producing a tropical fruit aroma and flavour.  And slips down very well.

Walks like this remind you how beautiful the Lake District is and how lucky we are to have this as our back garden.  Thanks to Tony for a great day out.