That's Lyth 2022 (and the Anytime Challenge also rolls on)

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 40th That's Lyth event on Sunday 30 January 2022. The event is now available to book via SiEntries link here.

The event will look a little different this year as we have introduced our own covid safe approach:

  • Limit entries to 180, with same entry fees as 2020 (no event in 2021)

  • Prioritise LDWA with entry date of 1 October and Non LDWA entry date of 1 November

  • Staggered the start with 10 entrants every 5 minutes between 8am and 9.30am

  • Collect data from entrants about whether they are walkers -  walk-runners - runners so that we can set them off in the correct order with walkers starting first to ensure completion in day light

  • No access to the Start hall apart from to use the toilets and that bags cannot be left

  • Food will not be buffet style but packed individually and probably served outside the three on route checkpoints. That the three on route checkpoints will have toilets and inside space for first aid emergencies or anyone really cold.

  • Entrants will be allowed inside at the finish, with a limited number of socially distanced chairs/tables in the hall.  Soup to be served with a 20 minute limit per entrant so we can maintain a steady flow of reduced numbers.

  • Tallies will not be handled by marshals but numbers will be collected verbally and visually at each checkpoint

  • Use to be made of the Pacer system at start, finish and Witherslack.

  • Hand sanitiser and masks to be available as minimum PPE for all our marshal volunteers with access freely to the halls to keep warm.

  • Certificates to be sent out electronically rather than collected on the day (we will see) 

  • And hopefully - there will be birthday cake - carefully served individually wrapped and available under wraps to view at the start. 


And in the meantime you can try our new That's Lyth Anytime Challenge. The route is 21 miles (33.7K) and visits Scout Scar, Levens, Whitbarrow Scar, Crosthwaite, Underbarrow and Cunswick Scar. 

You can participate any time you like between now and 31 May 2021.  Walk on your own, with the dog, with friends, take your mum - your choices are endless as long as you walk within the current legal COVID restrictions at the time you go.  Please respect the tier zone travel advice too. The event will be entirely unsupported, so there are no refreshments provided and no marshals on the route.  Runners are very welcome to take part, but it is not a race - just a fun day out.

Entries open via SiEntries until 31 December 2021

Start Time will be flexible but we recommend 8.30am and entrants can be confident they will complete the route in 8 hours.

Recommended start location is Scout Scar quarry car park, at the top of Underbarrow road (Grid Reference SD489 924 free parking) but there are other locations you could use if you choose - these will be marked on the route description.   

It will be £5 to enter and is for LDWA members only (an insurance requirement folks) , and you can link to the SiEntries page HERE. Entry fee provides you with our route description, GPX file and an emailed certificate afterwards.  You will be invited to log back onto SiEntries after the event to input your details of time taken.  A certificate will be prepared from this information. 

Any queries you can email the event secretary at  


2020 results now available


Thanks for all the lovely feedback from those of you who attended in 2020.

Thank you to Brian Fisher for sharing his photos of the event, which are available at this link

If you have any photos that you would like to share on this website, or if you have any other feedback, please email

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