After the Walk May 2024

Wednesday May 22nd. The Dog Ate my Homework. 10.5 miles. Leader: Caz Tennant.


As I made my sandwiches in the morning, I realised I had not warned people that my walk might be quite muddy. I then looked at the weather and decided that, with their being a yellow rain warning, anyone who came out likely wouldn't care about a bit of mud!  Having refused to go around the corner in the rain, Alf happily jumped in the car because if he has his pack with him, it doesn't matter what the weather is doing.

5 of us and Alf met up at Batridge barn car park and set off for a damp ascent over Cheetham Close.  A quick photo stop at the trig point.  Down through farmland, Alf behaved himself passing the lambs and across Turton golf club.  We passed the lovely brickwork of Torra Barn, before branching off into the woods and along Hazelhurst Brook.  In the woods, we suffered not only the rain, but the water off the trees too.  On to pass the egg cabin at Holts fold and then to Jumbles.  We made our way around the reservoir and along to Turton Bottoms where we stopped for a damp lunch in the Village Orchard.  

After lunch we continued up the main road to the Black Bull pub and onto Wayoh Reservoir.  Around the reservoir to meet the Two Crosses route at the back of Entwistle.  Having decided to cut out a small section down a gully out, that would have been likely impassable in the conditions, we made an additional group decision to take a short cut at the end.  As we were all rather soggy and cold, the option of dryness and cups of tea at home was too much of a distraction and so we all decided, whilst we had had a good walk, we were quite wet enough, thank you!


Thank you to everyone that came and made what could have been a dreadful day, much fun!  


Please consider this walk report a warning to anyone who ever considers coming on a Caz & Alf walk - Bring your waterproofs and Gaiters!




Sunday May 19th. Pendle Way Part 2. 20 miles. Leader: Paul Banks.



Wednesday May 15th. Bolton to Wigan Rail Trail. 14 miles. Leader: Hilary Scott


Seven intrepid explorers met to walk the trail from Wigan to Bolton. We had all successfully negotiated public transport to get there. 

After walking through the town centre we entered Queen's Park, a cotton famine park which once looked over the myriad of cotton mills. There are very few examples left today. Onto the town cemetery looking at some sad stories on the way.

Down on the Middlebrook Trail, past Lostock station and to Chew Moor where morning break was taken by the sports club. We then made our way to Westhoughton station and admired the flower beds and displays that volunteers look after. Onto Wingates and across the fields to Borsdane where we came across a newly shut and fenced off bridge blocking our route. Taking a right the next bridge along was also shut so we had to divert to the beginning of the wood. However the walk back was very pleasant with the smell of wild garlic and bluebells peeping through. Lunch was taken in the wood.

Onto Hindley Station where more volunteers have made the station a very pleasant one. It was not long to join the Whelley Loop, a disused railway track which led us to the canal. The weather had changed and we did have some rain here.

Onto the canal where we saw a brood of ducklings but no sign of mama. I hope they were ok. We followed the canal back to the two Wigan Stations where we all went our separate ways to return home. A cancelled train gave a few of us chance to have a very nice hot chocolate before returning.

Thanks to those who came.




Sunday May 12th. Pendle Way Part 1. 19 miles. Leaders: Paul and Jeanette Banks.



Click on the link below for Howard’s pictures of the day.




Weston super Mare Holiday.

East and West Lancs had a week away in Weston super Mare from April 28th to May 4th. There were 4 led walks and everyone had a day off to visit local attractions.

Below is a link to Howard’s pictures from the week.


The pictures below are from Hilary.