After the Walk September 2023


Wednesday September 27th. Come on You Robins. 13 miles. Leader: Roy Davies.


Three hardy souls turned up to brave Storm Agnes with me. The planned walk was 15 miles but in view of the forecast of potential 75mph winds on coasts and hills, I made the decision to shorten the walk and omit Boulsworth Hill.

We set off in calm weather along Colne Water to Carry Bridge and then climbed towards Trawden. From there we trekked across fields until eventually arriving at Coldwell reservoirs. By this time it had started to rain and though the wind had picked up it was no more than breezy.

From Coldwell we headed for Thursden Valley. We had to stick to road walking because the Burnley Way is impassable approaching Thursden Valley and my alternative route on the second recce was also blocked by a chained and padlocked gate with barbed wire across the top. Barbara realised on the walk today that the gate did actually open, and the length of chain was such that you could get through. Anyway, having not done a recce of that stretch, I stuck to the road.

On reaching Thursden Valley we turned left and climbed up onto the moors that contour Boulsworth Hill. We continued on for about 3 miles before dropping down through the woods to Wycoller. From there we continued to Laneshaw Bridge and then through Ball Grove Nature Reserve and Ball Grove Country Park to the cafe at Ball Grove, where we each had a well deserved hot drink.

In the end we did just shy of 13 miles and an average actual walking pace of 2.8mph. Given the weather and some of the terrain that was a pretty good effort from the group.

Thanks very much to Barbara, Nick and Stephen for their company and for making it a hugely enjoyable day.





Wednesday September 13th. Hangman's Loops. 14 miles. Leaders: Dave and Alma Walsh.


Just four of us (the fab four) set off from Bretherton on a warm & sunny morning. A quiet tree sided lane led us to the A59 road, which we followed until it crossed the River Douglas. A gate led us to the river & we walked along its broad grassy bank until we reached the hamlet of Sollom.

Leaving the river here, we recrossed the main road & walked along quiet paths through farmer's fields to Mere Sands nature reserve. We made use of the coffee machine & toilets & had a break in the sun sat at a picnic bench.

Walking all around the nature reserve, we then followed paths & lanes through the fields for another five miles before we reached the village of Rufford. Lunch was taken overlooking the marina.

We dropped onto the Leeds, Liverpool canal & walked in a northerly direction, passing Rufford Old Hall (closed to the public today). It was just about visible through the trees. Leaving the canal at Sollom again where the two loops of our walk met near Hangman's Bridge, we then followed a quiet lane back to the cars.

Thanks to John & Steve for their company on the day, making it a small, intimate group with good conversation.

Dave & Alma



Wednesday September 6th. A Short trip to Japan. 13 miles. Leader: Roger Jackson.


Twelve walkers set off from the Cheetham Pub car park at 10.00 am. The weather forecast a very hot day which proved to be extremely accurate.

Leaving the estate we headed over a field then crossing Belmont road and up Horrocks Fold, over the top of the quarries, and eventually after a slight deviation, because of the shooting range being active ( big minus points for the leader already), up onto Horrock's Moor. We then turned left across Smithill's Moor towards the Winter Hill Mast, incorporating a small diversion to Norman's famous 'Bolton Beach' where we had a water stop . The weather was now very hot but still allowed us fine but slightly hazy views for our morning coffee stop just next to the mast itself.

We then continued on dropping down to Two Lads cairn, then to Pike Cottage where we showed tremendous discipline stopping only to get extra water, to eventually reach our lunch stop, in the welcome shade, by the lake in the picturesque Japanese Gardens.

Onward to the top of Rivington Pike , then straight across the dryer than normal Rivington Moor returning to Winter Hill. Then left onto the main track to descend down to Belmont Road and down the track to Longworth Clough where we had our afternoon coffee stop next to Eagley Brook.

Next we continued down the clough passing Dunscar Golf Club then right on main road up to the Cheetham Pub for a 4.20 pm and finish off a good day with a deserved pint in the Beer Garden.


Thanks to all who joined me