After the Walk February 2023

Sunday February 26th. Two Crosses Marshal's Walk. 17/25 miles. Leader: Caroline Tennant.


10 of us and Alf woof met at Batridge car park and set off over the Dam towards Entwistle.  A bit of holly clipping, a minor route tweak to a moved gate and a bit of bramble cutting to take us up to Orrel Cote.  The normally super muddy fields over to Crowthorn were surprisingly dry for a change.  

Climbing out of Crowthorn we went up and over Wet Moss.  It was wet, no big surprise there!  We worked our way around Bull Hill to reach the Naughty Corner for morning break.  Clear skies made for good views from our break spot.

Over to the Pilgrims Cross for a quick photo, before heading to Peel Tower and dropping down off the moors.  We then admired the new gate and steps in Redisher Wood, before working our way over to Greenmount for lunch.  Brews and cakes were purchased from the cafe and Alf enjoyed his pork pie treats.

Off again towards Tottington along the disused railway.  Leaving Tottington we navigated the route diversion introduced for 2023.  GPX files did their job perfectly as those following them didn't appear to even notice that we were taking a new route!  Far less mud on the new route, so a bonus all round.  A few more bits of bramble chopping and we were over to Affetside and another photo stop at the Affetside Cross, before dropping down towards Jumbles.  Huge, friendly, but not very fast, piggies came to say hello to us at their fence.  Into Jumbles with a bit of doggy off lead freedom, until we got back near the road at Turton.  

A quick sweety stop (Hilary has trained me well; Liquorice, jelly babies and pear drops did the rounds.  Actually Jelly Chicks🐥, not babies, with Easter coming up) And then the final stretch back to the cars at Bartidge. 


Here some of us had a break as others went home for a well deserved rest.  Thank you to Nick for taking Alf and dropping him home, even though there was football to be got home for. 


After a rest and a refuel, the remaining intrepid 4, set out on the 8 mile section.  Back onto the moors overlooking Entwistle and through the mild bog under the pylons to reach the A666.  Down through Gorse Gully, mind the prickles, and across the boggy moor to reach Catherine Edge/The Endless Path.  And on the Endless Path, and on.  Passing Big Dog House. And on, until we reached Track Junction.  Unfortunately, we were not met by Dave and Roger or Malteasers, so we had to continue up the hill.  Half way up, darkness finally fell and the torches came out. (Note - Do not leave head torch on the Roundhay, you then have to use your emergency spare torch and it turns out, it's a bit rubbish)

We stopped at the top for a short break and sock rearrange, where it turns out that there are 2 very well placed benches, just hidden by the wall.  Refreshed we set off over the moor to find the footbridge in the gully, in the dark, and by pure luck found our way over the moor, without falling in the bog.  We found the bog, but stepped around it, not in it, for a change.  Then began our descent back to Entwistle, passing a cyclist with no lights.  I'm not sure who was more startled by the others presence!  Finally, over the road and into the woods to reach the reservoir and make our way along the bank, back to the cars.


Many thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the route.  Special thanks to those that bought clippers, without being asked, and assisted with the clipping. 


Caz and Alf x




Wednesday February 15th. the Lost Gardens of Rivington. 13.25 miles. Leader: Hilary Scott


Sixteen victims, er, walkers, met on Georges Lane ready to hear the stories behind some of Bolton's heritage. Along Wallsuches and into Arcon village to hear the story behind the buildings. Up to walk behind the Memorial forest, along to Brinks Row, through the bottom of Wilderswood and past Ormstons Farm to look at the old tramway track. Our first coffee stop was tantelisingly close but we had some way to go first.

Into the wood, along to Lever Park and then up to the Ravine in the Terraced Gardens. Up again to enter Japan, a quick stop at the kitchen gardens and South Lodge, over the great lawns and a stop for a dance on the site of the Bungalow Ballroom. Along to the Pigeon Tower and then everyone's ears got a break as we walked along Georges Lane to the Pike Shack and the first stop. Hot pastie and chocolate for me!

The early sun was now replaced with a misty moisty light rain and as we climbed up to the mast the clag descended. We could still see each other but the mast was invisible. Down the Trespass Path, and more down into Barrow Bridge to look at the managers and workers houses from the long gone Dean Mills.

Into Moss Bank Park for lunch in the walled gardens with more beautiful snowdrops on show. A quick retrace through Barrow Bridge and up the 63 steps and onto Walker Fold. Up again above Burnt Edge, a quick stop for sweets at the new topograph and along to drop down at the side of the quarry and onto Matchmoor Lane. A road walk back to the cars and home.

Thanks to all who came, hope I didn't talk too much! Welcome to Ruth, Jonathon and Anika on their first LDWA walk, we hope to see you again. 





Sunday February 5th. Edenfield Round. 40th Anniversary walk.19.4 miles. Ascent 3200ft. Leader: Roger Jackson.


The Edenfield Round was the group's very first walk and this re-enactment is the second part of East Lancs LDWA's 40th Anniversary celebrations. (The first was to raise a glass of champagne to 'East Lancs' on our Ambleside social weekend, so this one was perhaps a bit more taxing).


A good turnout of twenty five walkers and three dogs ( Poppy the Powerful , Alfie the Great and new member Scrapy Doo) set off from the Rostron Arms car park in Edenfield, on a cold but beautifully clear morning. We walked up the steep Gincroft Lane onto the moor where we stopped for our team photo in front of an old ruin (it was a house not ME). We then continued climbing along Sand Beds Lane ( actually a path) to join the

Rossendale Way (RW). Now on a wide stony path we passed Cowpe Lowe, on the left, and dropped down over Black Hill with a wonderful view of Cowpe Reservoir. Turning right and still following the RW down a now partly cobbled path for approximately one and a half miles we then turned sharp left along a series of moorland paths taking us down into Whitworth. Here we had our picture taking in front of the Red Lion Pub (as they did on that first walk 40 years ago) and also had our slightly late morning coffee break sitting on the well placed rocks nearby. Suitably refreshed we followed the Pennine Bridleway over Lobden Golf Club then dropping downhill , crossing over the main road and walking through the Healey Dell Nature Reserve. As we left the reserve we stopped for our Lunch by an attractive small pond surrounded by benches.


Lunch over we headed off for Knowl Hill, our last big challenge. We initially walked to the bottom of Rooley Moor Road, then after going up it a short way turned off left to go between Naden Middle and Greenbooth reservoirs to follow a zig zag path up onto Knowl Moor then Knowl Hill itself with excellent views all round. Dropping down and crossing the main moor mainly using the Wind Turbine maintenance roads we turned right following the track back to Edenfield passing the iconic Waugh's Well on the way.


An excellent walk many thanks for all who joined me and made it such fun





Wednesday February 1st. Haigh Ho Haigh Ho. 12 miles. Leader: Andrea Foster.


Nine walkers and one dog set off from the car park in Mill Lane near the Gerrard arms, Aspull. After a little bit of History regards Borsdane woods we huddled against the blustery weather and headed through the woods exiting up a gentle slope and through a very muddy field to emerge and cross over to Hindley golf course. Avoiding flying golf balls we walked through the course along the footpath and off Withington lane coming out at Top lock.  


Heading along the Leeds Liverpool canal we took the bridge over the canal (number 60) through Haigh hall park. Another pause for more history regards the occupants of Haigh hall from the 1871 Census and some speculation. We paused for a lunch break at the café area, then walked up School lane, with a friendly "hello" to another walking group as we passed.


Turning off School lane and through a stables, we crossed two fields and Meadow Pit lane, more fields and followed the main road for a while to Blundell lane skirting the area known as Little Scotland. Following the footpaths through fields, we paused for a break on the convenient wall at Freezeland farm. From here we joined Riley lane and passed St David's church taking the wooded track down to Holly Nook, emerging through a housing estate and over Wigan road to Aspull civic hall. 


The final leg took us along a country footpath running parallel to Bolton road passing Aspull common and the impressive St Elizabeth's church, over Hall Lane and returning safely to the cars at the start of Borsdane woods.  


An enjoyable day and thankfully not too much rain. Thank you to all those who attended.