After the Walk June 2022

Wednesday June 29th. Brock and Roll. 13.5 miles. Leaders: Dave and Alma Walsh.


Twelve of us plus Lola the Parsons Russell terrier set off from Carwags car park.

Despite the forecast the weather was dry & quite warm. We followed a path which took us to Beacon Fell Country Park.

We passed some fine wooden sculptures as we climbed to the summit. We left the park at the Western end & dropped down to a quiet road which led us to the River Brock. We took advantage of the picnic tables & had an early morning break.

We then followed the Brock for a good way before leaving it at Walmsley Bridge. We then followed fields & climbed over several dodgy styles in a North East direction.

It started to rain quite hard & waterproofs were quickly donned. We had our lunch break in a wooded area which gave us a little respite from the rain.

We carried on & the rain eased as we headed to Bleasdale Tower & then on to the village of Bleasdale where it looked like the small village school had closed down.

It rained on & off as we made our way back over quiet lanes & farmer's fields towards Beacon Fell. The rain did stop though & we had a chance to dry out in the sunshine before we got back to the car park.


Thanks to those that attended, Dave & Alma.


Pictures from Dave, Jane and Hilary



Sunday June 19th. LDWA 50th Anniversary 3 day 50. Ramsbottom Round. 19.5 miles. Leader: Roger Jackson.


This is our annual charity walk raising money for Motor Neurone and Multiple Sclerosis , where Viv , Barbara and their crew of helpers open up Peel Tower selling tea and cakes and the option to climb to the top of the tower, the walk was planned to reach there mid-afternoon, we hoped there would still be a few cakes remaining. for us walkers.

The weather forecast was for a slightly cloudy but dry day, so our group of 17 people and one dog ( the legendry Poppy the Powerful) were slightly disappointed to set off from Nuttall Park in a fine drizzle, though spirits soon rose as the rain stopped and it was actually rather pleasant. We crossed the M66 went over a few fields and followed small tracks to reach Harden moor, which we then crossed to meet the road at the Owd Betts pub. Right along the road to Ashworth Moor Reservoir, on the right , where we turned left up a long but fairly gradual path taking us up to our morning coffee stop on the summit of Knowl Hill . We were now in sunshine and had fine views all round though Peel Tower in the distance did look rather gloomy, in the mist. Dropping down from the hill we followed the Wind Turbine service roads (there has to be something positive to them), to join the Rossendale Way and drop down over the top of Scout Moor, passing Waugh's Well and eventually reaching our lunch stop by the Church in Edenfield.

After lunch, now in bright sunshine, we again crossed the M66 and dropped down to Irwell Railway Station just in time to see a Steam Train arrive ( what excellent planning ). After crossing the railway line we followed a stream, through a small wood, to Helmshore and started our long ascent to Holcombe Moor passing Pilgrims Cross and eventually reaching a very busy Peel Tower at 3.15 pm for an extended afternoon break. Orange Juice and Cake in the sunshine was very welcome. Reluctantly we eventually set off for the last four an a half miles, of the walk, passing the Army Firing Ranges and round the bottom of Redisher Wood to Holcombe. Onwards to Ramsbottom and arriving back Nuttall Park for 5.20 pm just in time for the Ice Cream van to arrive . A few of us did indulge a well earned ice cream in the sun.

An excellent days walk , thanks for all who joined me, the team who manned Peel Tower and Cake makers. £800 was raised from actual sales, not including donations or money made from people going up the tower.


Roger ( better known as the 'Poor man's Norman ' )



Saturday June 18th. LDWA 50th Anniversary 3 day 50. West Pennine Classic. 21 miles. Leader: Hilary Scott.

Seven walkers including three who had not walked with the LDWA before met at Brinscall. A nice easy start along the old railway track to Abbey Village then over to Roddlesworth woods via the reservoirs. Darwen Tower drew nearer, we met horses being led up Donkey Brew. People made their own pace up to the Tower which is still fenced off despite looking finished. The one bench available was made good use of for morning coffee.

Off over the moor, it was lovely sunshine and really quite warm, very different to the original weather forecast. Down towards Hollinshead Hall where we backtracked slightly for an obligatory photo at the East Lancs PNFS sign. Along Catherine Edge (goes on forever!) and round the back of Belmont via the ornamental reservoir and up to Lotties. 

Again, we made our own pace up the track to the top of Winter Hill to meet for lunch. The weather had changed, going noticeably colder and windier. Using the building for shelter at lunch instead of the planned concrete blocks. Off over the top picking up the Rotary Way down to Pike Cottage where most of us bought an extra drink. The hot chocolate was very welcome and warming. 

Dropping down through the terraced gardens and towards Rivington Barn where one of our party unfortunately fell, banging her face and cutting her hand. She was a very tough cookie though and carried on without a word of complaint even though she must have been in pain! On to the side of Anglezarke where we had afternoon break. 

It was then a flattish walk along the bridlepath to White Coppice where a game of cricket was taking place. Along the Goit back to Brinscall arriving just before five o clock.

Thanks to all who came. Very well done to three of the group who had walked further than they had done before. I hope you were all ok the next day and have good memories of your day on the West Pennine moors. Also good luck to the two girls doing the 3 Yorkshire Peaks soon. It was a good training day for you!!




Friday June 17th. LDWA 50th Anniversary 3 day 50. Plodder walk. Ramsbottom to Rawtenstall heritage Trail. 10 miles. Leader: Don Watson.


Twelve walkers met at Ramsbottom railway station to celebrate the LDWA 50th Anniversary with a ten miles Plodder Walk to kick off the weekend’s walking events. This walk would be followed on Saturday and Sunday with two walks of twenty miles to make up fifty miles over the three days.  

We set off to follow the Heritage Trail along the River Irwell in the hot sunshine crossing the M66, A56 and A680 and then down Michael Wife’s Lane that descends to a footbridge and ford crossing Plunge Beck where we stopped for a few minutes to take on fluids.  

We then climbed out of Dearden Clough to Gincroft Lane where we then had panoramic views over the Rossendale Valley and back towards Peel Monument and the West Pennine Moors.  

Ahead now was the prominent property known locally as Windy Harbour . The track now passes through the remains of Horncliffe Quarry and then descends to the hamlet of Balladen. The path then then goes over pasture land to Lower Clowes where the path becomes surfaced to the A682 which is crossed and then down to the East Lancs Railway level crossing at Townsendfold. After following the footpath through K Steels factory grounds we joined the River Irwell on our return to Ramsbottom. We then crossed the B6527 at Ewood Bridge and called at the delapidated football ground which is now overgrown, but we made use of the old stand to have our lunch break.  

After lunch we followed the river to Irwell Vale and then on to Meadow Way which meets the Stubbins Junction to Accrington disused railway bed which we walked along to the hamlet of Strongstry. We then joined the River Irwell passing the site of the Chatterton Riots which Mike and Heather gave us an interesting insight to the history of the workers who fought in the riots to save their jobs and seven lives were lost with many injured. The rioters were either imprisoned or deported to Australia .  

We then came across the sting in the tail where we had a steep climb up by Stubbins Estate to take a path across pastureland which then descended to The Old Mill Hotel and down to the Sculpture Trail Tilted Urn in the centre of Ramsbottom and then down to the station completing the circular walk.  

Thanks to all the walkers who took part in the Anniversary celebration which was enjoyed by all.  




Sunday June 12th. Pendle, Witches and Socialism. 19 miles. Leaders: Paul and Jeanette Banks.


18 walkers and 2 dogs met at Spring Wood Car Park for the 19 mile walk.   East Lancs Group walkers were joined by other LDWA members from West Yorkshire Group and Lakeland Group, as well as Meet Up walkers and 2 new walkers trying LDWA for the first time.

The walk commenced through Whalley Golf Club and via Clerk Hill Road to the Nick of Pendle before ascending Pendle Hill.   We did not stay long on the summit as the winds were strong on the Pendle Ridge.  

The descent of Pendle took us through Barley and onto Clarion House in Newchurch-in-Pendle, deep in Pendle Witch country, where we stopped for lunch.   Clarion House was built in 1912 for the Nelson Independent Labour Party, and is the last remaining house of many that existed across the country.  These houses provided a place in the countryside where people enjoyed fresh air and comradeship.   It now attracts many walkers and cyclists when it is open on Sundays throughout the year, serving a range of hot and cold drinks and confectionery.    The walk leaders were not aware that the 12th June 2022 was the Annual Gathering of Clarion Cyclists and Choirs.   The event is held to resurrect the historic concept of an annual ‘Clarion Sunday’, when, in the 1890s hundreds of Clarion Cyclists would converge on Hardcastle Crags to listen to the singing of the Clarion Vocal Unions and speeches by local Socialists.   

Following a leisurely lunch and the purchase of refreshments and cakes by some, the walkers continued through Newchurch-in-Pendle village and Sabden Fold into Sabden village where we had a last short break.   One last climb took us into Read, passing Read Hall, before descending across fields to our cars.





Wednesday June 8th. Three Valleys, a Plodder Walk. 10.5 miles. Leader: Mike Lee.


Fourteen walkers met in Helmshore on the morning of a day the weather forecasters predicted would be a rather wet Wednesday. We were rewarded by a day of hardly any rain and plenty of sunshine as we walked through Rossendale’s Alden, Musbury and Grane valleys.

The Alden valley came first. This is Rossendale’s least known valley and probably its most attractive. Passing through woodland in its lower reaches, we emerged into open fields before reaching the Rossendale Way running across the head of the valley. Following the Rossendale Way back towards Helmshore we crossed the lower slopes of Musbury Tor. Musbury Tor separates the Alden and Musbury valleys and we turned to walk under the end of the Tor and down into the Musbury valley.

We followed Musbury Brook up the valley almost to its head before stopping for lunch in the ruins of a former farmstead, with extensive views both up and down the valley.

After lunch we climbed out of the valley and up to the abandoned quarry on Musbury Heights. A short climb out of the quarry took us onto the high moorland above the Musbury valley and we walked along the high ground above the valley before turning to head across the moor to Hog Lowe Pike.

Hog Lowe Pike is above the head of the Grane valley and we descended steeply to the wooded valley bottom near Calf Hey Reservoir. We then walked down the full length of the Grane valley, passing above the Calf Hey, Ogden and Holden Wood Reservoirs, to go back the Helmshore Museum along the old Ramsbottom to Accrington railway track.

Thanks to everyone who came.

Mike Lee


Pictures from Barbara and Gordon.