Eastbourne Trip April 2022

Eastbourne Trip. April 24th-30th 2022.


Day 1. Seaford to Eastbourne. 15 miles. 2300ft. Leaders: Dave and Alma Walsh.

This was an absolute classic walk. After a long day on the Sunday we were all up bright eyed and bushy tailed to board the coach at 9am. It was less than an hour's drive to Seaford where after losing 2 members in the first few minutes, we reunited to walk along the front and up the first climb of Seaford Head. Lovely springy turf and along to see the stunning views of the Cuckmere Valley and Seven Sisters ahead. Dropping down to Exceat Bridge and a short road walk to morning coffee at Seven Sisters Visitor centre. 

Leaving here, we contoured the valley and climbed up to walk along the top of the Seven Sisters which don't have feminine names at all! Dropping down to Birling Gap, lunch was at another visitor centre with the view of the next steep climb. Unfortunately one of the group fell on the way up and sustained a grazed knee and a fractured wrist. Though we didn't find out about the wrist till the next day! Along past Belle Tout to Beachy Head - not too close to the edge please everyone!! A quick look at the bomber command memorial there and then it was time to begin our descent. 

Down and down to come into Eastbourne, past the South Downs Way start/finish and onto the promenade to return to our hotel. A good day. 


Day 1. Pictures from Jeanette.

Day 1. Pictures from Hilary.


Day 2. Southease to Eastbourne. 16 miles. 2000ft. Leader: Robb Radford.


Another classic day.  Onto the ambulance/coach at 9am and after taking 4 (2 patients, 2 friends) people to the hospital we were off to Southease where we were dropped off opposite a Youth Hostel. It was straight onto the South Downs Way and up to the ridge where the views were stupendous all round. Robb told us about the many Tumuli we were to pass on this ancient chalkland. Past a Radio Station, onto Firle Beacon and morning coffee in a convenient hollow. 

Making our way to Alfriston with its quirky shops, lovely old buildings and two blocks of public toilets! Now there's posh. Lunch at the picnic field and off back up onto the Downs. We did pass the Long Man carved into the hillside but couldn't see it from the top.  Near Jevington we helped a local who had become disorientated on her walk. I hope she made it home safely.

Quite soon we could see Eastbourne in the distance but thoughts of an early finish were dashed as we circuited right around the back of the town. We could see the pier and our hotel too! Past two golf clubs and down into the town looking at some of the great buildings that Eastbourne has. A short walk on the front to the hotel. A good day.


Day 2. Pictures from Jeanette.

Day 2. Pictures from Hilary.


Day 3. Rye to Hastings. 14.5 miles. 1300ft. Leaders: Hilary Bell and John Howarth.


A day of contrasts. An earlier start for a coach ride to Rye and along the road to Rye Harbour. Turning onto the river path and then by the sea with a large Nature Reserve on our right. All very flat along to Winchelsea Beach for morning coffee. Continuing along the flat coastal path towards Fairlight where we began the roller coaster of several hills. 

We walked through Fairlight and then back to the coastal path along the tops. Lunch was eaten along here and we eventually reached Hastings Country Park. The gorse and the bluebells plus other wild flowers were stunning here.  We passed Ecclesbourne Reservoir and meandered through Ecclesbourne Glen eventually reaching the Old Town of Hastings. It was a step descent down to sea level and along the prom to the pier. Up the last hill to the coach and return to Eastbourne. A good day. 


Day 3. Pictures from Jeanette.

Day 3. Pictures from Hilary.


Day 4. Winchelsea to Ham Street Bridge. 16 miles. 650ft. Leader: Ian Wardle.


This was the longest mileage day and the longest coach journey but well worth the effort. After being dropped off at Winchelsea and some spotting Spike Milligan's grave we walked out onto Rye Marsh and made our way to Rye for morning coffee. Suitably refreshed it was up the cobbled street and on to follow the Saxon Shore Way alongside the River Rother. As this became the Royal Military canal two of the group walked along this to eventually join us at Appledore. 

Most of the group walked onto Stone in Oxney still following the Saxon Shore way to Appledore with lunch in a warm hollow out of the wind. Across Appledore Heath and along to Warehorne where we had to wait for a passing train which had split the group. Onto the Royal Military Canal and the welcome sight of the coach waiting in a layby. A good last day.

Thank you to Karen and Ian for their superb organisation of the whole week. Kudos to Alfa Travel for a great Hotel and Kieron, our very obliging driver. See you all next year? 


Day 4. Pictures from Jeanette.

Day 4. Pictures from Hilary.


Pat's Pictures of the week.


Emergency Ward 10.

This trip did have a number of Health Issues/Incidents. There was a post op knee patient and two people who had had minor procedures a few days before. One of these needed hospital treatment for an infected stitch. One member fell just before the trip, spraining her ankle so couldn't do all the walking. One member is waiting for surgery. We had a fall with a fractured wrist. There were a few blisters and an issue with a suspected fractured toe. Oh, and a case of Laryngitis. Viv as designated first aider was kept busy! Good job she doesn't charge.