2022 Two Crosses Staffing List

Please see staffing list below. Contact Roger Jackson with any queries.

rogerjackson740@btinternet.com or 07553944988


Two Crosses Staffing Rota 2022 (as at 10/03/2022)



Set up markers on Holcombe  Moor

Kim Shaw 


Saturday 12.30 pm


Equipment to  Greenmount School – (from  St Margaret’s Church)

Roger Jackson                                               Caroline Tennant   

Steve Clark                                                      Barbara Shelton             

Viv Lee                                                            Hilary Scott 


Set up Greenmount School (approx 2pm)

Viv Lee                                                             Hilary Scott 

Caroline Tennant                                          Barbara Shelton   

Roger Jackson                                              Steve Clark                       




Car parking –  (6.30 am to 8.00 am)


Allan Roberts  -  then kitchen , body wagon     

Roger Jackson  -  then CP3 

Peter Balshaw -  then CP2                                   

Geoff Holburt   - then CP2 

Dave Shephard - then CP3  

Alf Short   




Roger Jackson – Doctors Surgery  First 17 sent to this location , then Roger to go and help at CC and stop people blocking or turning to residential road.


Geoff Holburt  , Dave Shephard – Cricket Club (CC) 


Allan Roberts , Peter Balshaw , Alf Short - Millers Kitchen  (MK) Give out East Lancs ID cards to drivers to put in window then at end draw  up list of car registrations and pass to MK.


All available to marshal  entrants across road at start


Geoff  ( and Allan if extra transport required ) to finish early and  with Steve Blackshaw at approx 7.30 to leave with  remaining  equipment to CP2 In time for Setup at 8.00 am



Registration –  (6-30 am to 8.00 am)

Caroline Tennant - then event co-ordinator   

Nick Halford - then general help   /  Finish Check In

Stephen Clark   -  then Finish Check in          



Event  co-ordinator’s

Caroline Tennant  ( and Alfie)  


CP1 Turton Tower (Setup 8.00 am  Open 08.30 am-10.35 am  )

Ian Pickup     

Norman Thomas - then CP7   

Lynn Rossiney


Cut off point (08.40 am -10.45 am  )

Don Watson  

Neil Woodcock


CP2 A666 (Setup 8.00 am Open 08.50 am -11.20 am)


Andy Griffin                      

Geoff Holburt   

 Steve Blackshaw - then Greenmount.  

Peter Balshaw  - then 25 mile sweep.

Luke Godfrey


On Saturday Andy  to go to Margaret’s to confirm correct equipment  and take whatever they can carry , the rest to be taken to Greenmont School and delivered to CP2 by Alan Roberts \ Steve Blackshaw \ Geoff Holburt. in time for setup.


CP3 Track junction (Setup  9.10 Open 09.40 am -12.10 am)

Roger Jackson -  then Greenmount School 

Dave Shephard   


CP4 Batridge Barn car park Entwistle  (Setup 6.30 am  Open  09.00 am -13.35 pm)



From 6-30

Viv Lee  - then Greenmount School                            Neil Smith - from  08.30 & collect entrant list

Chris Greene                                                                   Steve Clark - with van setup help only

Edwina Hill                                                                     

Roger Haliwell   

Paul Banks

Jeanette Banks                                                                                                          


NB: CP tent takes 1.5 hr to set up.


CP5 Orrel Cote Farm (Setup 8.30 am  Open  09.00 am -14.45 pm )

Pauline Melia  

Jane Hill 






CP6 Bull Hill  - with new banner (Setup 8.50 Open  09.40 am -15.50 pm )

Richard Wolsey   

Steve Oates            

Julie Spencer         

Rob Radford         



CP7 Holcombe ( bottom of path from tower)  (Setup 9.30 Open  10.00 am -14.00 pm/ 14.00 pm-17.20 pm)


AM team

Barbara Shelton    

Norman Thomas     

Suzanne Corlett        


PM team

Gordon Stone   

Nicole Kirkham     

Dave Kirkham       



Have one car for  each shift at Check Point and others walk up from Lumb Road car Park


Sweep team

25ml route

Jean Lyon   

Phil Chapman

Peter Balshaw  - from CP2



Kitchen Rota



Hilary Scott

Viv Pike

Sue Boardman 

Jane Reeves 

Hazel Storozuk 


Jean Lyon  - 6-30 am  tea - then sweep

Allan Roberts -  kitchen /  bodywagon

   Paul Raine 

  Heather Massie

Mike Lee



Hilary to Confirm each  individual’s schedule time nearer the time of event


Finish check in

Nick Halford            

Stephen  Clark  

Steve Blackshaw ( after CP2 )        



Body Wagon

Allan Roberts  


Equipment Transportation


Steve Clark   






Receive Equipment from Check Points 1-4 and organise for transport Back to St Margaret's

Roger  Jackson , Viv Lee


Transfer bulk of Equipment at around 4.00pm

Roger  Jackson , Viv Lee ,Barbara Shelton , Steve Clark ( plus anyone else  is available)


This includes  equipment from Checkpoints 1-4 plus any kitchen or other equipment we can release.


Tidy Up

Roger Jackson , Neil Smith , Viv Lee , Caroline Tennant , Nick Halford  , Hilary Scott


Remaining Equipment Removal


Transfer designated cars for delivery to St’ Margaret’s on the Monday



Rota and tasks subject to change should any volunteers drop out before the event.