South West Coastal Path

South West Coastal Path 2018.


The group spent a week in April based in Torquay, walking part of the South West Coastal Path. Thanks to Ken for the statistics from the walking below. There are also photo links of the week away from Ken and Howard.


Mon.   14.9 miles   2532.81 ft.
Tues.   15.6 miles  2624.67 ft.
Wed.   14.3 miles  2923.23 ft.
Thur.   16.8 miles  5308.4 ft
Fri.      16.8 miles  3569.55 ft.
Total  78.4 miles  16,958.66 ft.


Click here to view Ken's pictures.


Monday's pictures from Howard.


Tuesday's pictures from Howard.


Wednesday's pictures from Howard.


Thursday's pictures from Howard.


Friday's pictures from Howard.


Click here to view Robb's pictures.


Looking at these, it is obvious that a good time was had by all. Thank you to Ian and Karen Wardle for their hard work in organising the trip.